Year Zero Writers always welcome requests from the media. If you would like to write about us, or feature us on radio, television, podcast, or webcast, please feel free to approach us at or you may contact our individual authors through their pages here.

If you would lie to see what has been said about us in the past, do have a look at our Year 2.0 Writers page.

On this page you will find press releases, question and answer forms, sheets about our individual books, and author bios that you may use to form the basis of your articles. We only ask that you remember, when quoting from this site, that whilst we are committed to giving readers access to what we write, we like to be credited with our own words. And, very importantly, whilst we are happy for you to use images from this site, we ask you credit the creator in the way we have.

Press Releases for Year Zero Writers

Year Zero Writers Collective: a Space for Writers who Care for Readers, November 1 2009 (download as Word Doc)

Year Zero Writers Q&A

Year Zero Books – Press Sheets

Glimpses of a Floating World by Larry Harrison

Benny Platonov by Oli Johns

Bablyon by Daisy Anne Gree

A, B & E by Marc Nash

Black Laces by Marcella O’Connor

29 Jobs & a Million Lies by Jenn Topper

Our Books

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