Year Zero Unplugged at To Hell With Books

23 February 2010, To Hell With Books, 10 Woburn Walk, from 7pm

To Hell With Books is the bookstore part of To Hell With Publishing, one of the most exciting outfits in literature. Specialising in special editions, poetry, art, zines, and the uber-literary, they are a publishing press we actually love – and that’s like being a beloved carpaccio at a vegan dinner.I even blogged about them.

It’s an intimate setting, and a timetable without constraints, so to do our hosts justice, we’ve put together the following feast of unplugged delights for you. Come, listen, buy:

Dan and Daisy dueting Daisy Anne Gree’s Conversation in a Basement on 17th and Mission, in 1998

Penny Goring reading Bone Dust Disco

Daisy Anne Gree

Dan Holloway performing a world premiere of FREAKSHOW

Marc Nash performing “Non-Smoker” & “Meathook Carousel” from “A,B&E” plus “Mother-Daughter Coagulate”

Larry Harrison

Readings from Ali Cooper’s forthcoming The Girl on the Swing

PLUS: An acoustic set from the brilliant blues singer-songwriter Jessie Grace

3 Responses to “Year Zero Unplugged at To Hell With Books”

  1. We’re looking forward to having you so much! And hearing the old, the new, the music. I’m even thinking about remembering to charge my camera battery this time…
    See you soon!

  2. Can’t wait to be there – the more piccies the better – I love the ones you have from last time – especially the head shot and the gheadless you – it’s like one of those photocopier ads 🙂

  3. You, being brilliant:

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