Year Zero Live at Rough Trade

Thirteen Shadows Waiting for Sunrise copyright Sarah E Melville

February 4th Rough Trade Records, Brick Lane, 18.00 FREE

DOWNLOAD THE POSTER HERE – feel free to display it and turn it into flyers to hand to, er, everyone!

Set List:

Penny Goring reading Bone Dust Disco

To The Moon

Marc Nash reading Twin Topiary Tales

Larry Harrison reading from Glimpses of a Floating World

Jessie Grace

Dan Holloway reading SKIN BOOK


Read all about the gig:

in words

in pictures

in film


Young, Literary London

12 Responses to “Year Zero Live at Rough Trade”

  1. Arrrrgh! I want to get in to read too! But I am too far away.

  2. Heikki, if you do a reading in Finland we’d love to have it on the tour T-shirt. It would be so cool to come see our Finnish in-laws and have a joint reading session – maybe at the aviation museum – you could read The Dispatchers!

  3. Now that would be an idea 😛 I will be in London in April (I guess) so let’s see what happens and when.

  4. wish I could go!

  5. It’s events like this one that make the UK, in my mind, the coolest place on the planet. And unfortunately too far away for this island girl. But one never knows! I am working on earning brownie points so the hubby lets me tag along on a business trip there. It’s not an improbable proposition, as I do not shop, eat very little, and am thus a very cheap date.

    • Ooh, do let us know so we can say hi!! Sure we can find a great gig for you! It’s funny when people say the UK is a cool place. It felt like it was in the early 90s before someone ruined it by coining the phrase Cool Britannia, and it feels like we’ve never really got back to how it was before, and as though the current underground scene is maybe just a little bit young really to break out – which, I guess, is one of the things that’s great about it.

  6. The very best of luck to everyone for the Rough Trade gig. Would love to be there.

  7. Sounds wonderful. ( Crossing my fingers I can be there for one of the UK events.)

  8. […] Hell With Books in the Dickensian Bloomsbury setting of Woburn Walk is about as far a cry from Rough Trade on Brick Lane as a venue can get, so it was fascinating to kick off our tour with this […]

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