Open-armed and Outcast: Year Zero Live at OVADA

APRIL 14, 6-8pm OVADA Gallery, Gloucester Green, Oxford, FREE

Have you ever KNOWN that you’re just a stranger in your life? Not known where your place is except that it’s elsewhere? Then much of the work we’re offering tonight is for you; very different accounts of what it’s like to be an outcast in your life and in the world. And to find your home elsewhere.

OVADA is one of the coolest gallery spaces in Oxford, situated inside Gloucester Green Coach Station. And they’ve told us we can have the run of the place for an evening.  There are ao many fantastic spaces within the gallery that we don’t quite know where to start. Or maybe that should be we don’t know where to stop.

We’ll be there form 6-8pm, reading, making music, maybe even improvising a little. Early arrivals will get free drinks, and you can hear live performances by

Penny Goring

Dan Holloway – FREAKSHOW; The Last Fluffer in La La Land

Larry Harrison – from Glimpses of a Floating World

Marc Nash

featuring the lyrical poetry of Christi Warner

and Leviathan by Daisy Anne Gree.

In OVADA’s second, upstairs, room, tying in with our outcats we will have an audio installation “Fallen Angels”, featuring the work of Daisy Anne Gree and D J Young

9 Responses to “Open-armed and Outcast: Year Zero Live at OVADA”

  1. What is the date of this do Dan?

  2. Sigh I think this clashes with Alaric being in the US 😦 so I will be stuck in my valley as usual :/

    • Not to worry – we’re ending our tour with an all-singing all dancing event in May. And there’s something tomorrow you’ll enjoy 🙂

  3. “Not known where your place is except that it’s elsewhere?” Yes, and I wish on April 14 it could be there. Best wishes! Will watch for video.

  4. […] because we had a lot of writing that fitted the bill, around The Beat, and our next event, “Open-armed and Outcast” is themed aruond the idea of the outsider, or misfit. The theming is very loose, and as with […]

  5. See you tonight, all goes well.

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