Pictures From the Launch 2

launch listening to Jessie

Ann and Anne both wore purple!

launch laughing or crying
I made SOMEONE laugh. Or cry. That’s Anne in the purple
launch never too much caffeine

You can never have too much caffeine when preparing

launch reading through wine

There wasn't this much wine left by the time I wanted some

launch wine-drinking people

...because this lot drank it!

3 Responses to “Pictures From the Launch 2”

  1. I loved the wine! My taste is sweet as opposed to dry. I can see my husband in this last pic. Although, he couldn’t have any wine because he was driving back home. I think the lady sitting next to me may have had too much to drink:-)

    Anne L-G

  2. I love pudding wine too, Anne. She (the lady sitting next to you) and her husband were an eccentric couple but very nice – he’s wlaking to Copenhagen for climate change apparently.

  3. […] it was about time I gave you a suitable present. Add to that it is almost exactly 4 years since my first ever show, and I thought it would be fitting to give you something I first read that night . For a while […]

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