Songs from the Other Side of the Wall Launch


Songs from the Other Side of the Wall was launched at the Albion Beatnik bookstore in Oxford on 29th October 2009, in an evening of words and music (and wine). I counted 41 people when I did a head count, and with a  steady flow, there must have been around 60 total. The crowd were also treated to a live set from the wonderful Jessie Grace, whose debut album, Asleep on the Good Foot, is now out. This compensated, I hope, for me putting them through the wringer with SKIN BOOK.

The evening confirmed inpractice everything I’ve said in theory about the joy of live storytelling. I had an amazing time, both Jessie and I sold stuff, we had a 9 strong film crew, and I got to adlib to my boss whilst reading a lesbian sex scene. Does it GET better than that? Well, yes it does. I got to share the evening not only with two fellow Zeroes, Anne and Penny, but with the fantastic blogger Beth (aka Bee Drunken).

There are a few photos from the night (vid to follow), courtesy and copyright of Janelle McCarty. You can see them here and here and here.

2 Responses to “Songs from the Other Side of the Wall Launch”

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