Brief Objects of Beauty and Despair

copyright 2009, Larry Harrison

copyright 2009, Larry Harrison

Brief Objects of Beauty and Despair is the first Sampler of work from Year Zero Writers. Please click here for a free pdf or visit Smashwords to download in a variety of e-formats including for Kindle.

Brief Objects of Beauty and Despair

Welcome to Brief Objects of Beauty and Despair, the first sampler from some of the Year Zerø Writers. Year Zerø Writers is a collective of authors who believe literature should be a direct conversation between readers and writers.

Here you will find glimpses of our work. Many of us will be publishing novels from 1 September 2009. Details of all individual novels, our authors, and the aims of Year Zerø Writers, can be found on our website Please feel free to contact us, or to get in touch with our authors directly.

We hope you enjoy reading our work as much as we enjoy writing it for you, and look forward to a long and fruitful dialogue.

Each of the works here is © copyright 2009 of the named author. Each author asserts their moral right to be named as the author of their work. Each author has agreed to allow other members of the Year Zerø Writers collective to distribute in printed or electronic form the work included in this sampler on the condition that all work in this sampler is distributed in its collective format.

The cover art is © copyright 2009 Larry Harrison.

Year Zerø Writers is not a publisher, a press, or a company of any kind. It has no moral or legal rights to any intellectual property generated by its authors.

Contents (now that our next anthology is on the way, there is no longer space for a separate page for each contribution, but they are all in the free download):

Beautiful Things that Happen to Ugly People by Sarah E Melville

Glimpses of a Floating World by Larry Harrison

Half in Love by Anna Le Pard

Knowing Gupter Puncher by Oli Johns

Medicine Man by Annia Lekka

Oreo by Marcella O’Connor

Permesso by Karine Levecque

Red Tide by Ali Cooper

Songs from the Other Side of the Wall by Dan Holloway

The Crossing by Julia Sutton

The Summerhouse by Heikki Hietala

Unrest by Simon Betterton

Voices in the Wall by Anne Lyken-Garner

7 Responses to “Brief Objects of Beauty and Despair”

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  2. I found this collection through Smashwords and absolutely loved it. You’ve pooled together such a diverse span of unique voices, some of the most exciting fiction I’ve read lately.


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  5. […] Gupter Puncher This piece appeared in Brief Objects of Beauty and Despair, which can be downloaded for free here. You can find out huge amounts more about Gupter at his […]

  6. […] her short stories have appeared in the Year Zerø anthologies 13 Shadows Waiting For Sunrise and Brief Objects of Beauty and Despair, as well as the Sex Scene Anthology edited and complied by Robert James Russell.  (She was also […]

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