The Girl on the Swing

ADVANCE COPIES AVAILABLE FROM 20/2/2010. email address below for details.

Julia believes that she has lived before.

Suspended from her job and grieving for her lost son, her past lives become an escape from her troubles in the present. For the first time, Julia meets someone in this life whom she recognises from a previous existence. But this man is a murderer, convicted of killing his wife.

As Julia seeks to find out more, past and present entwine, culminating in a dramatic conclusion

Read the first chapter on the next page.

You can buy the book from

or it can be ordered from Waterstones and other high street book shops – they might even have it in stock.

alternatively, if you email me on standingstonepress (at) I’ll send you the ms in pdf form.

3 Responses to “The Girl on the Swing”

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  2. […] Ali Cooper – The Girl on the Swing […]

  3. […] Ali Cooper – The Girl on the Swing […]

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