A, B & E

A gangster’s moll has an affair with the chauffeur. In fear of their lives, the pair are bundled out of Britain by the under-boss who fakes their execution. They wash up in Corfu, but the feet of clay upon which their transgressive relationship was erected, soon dissolves and she winds up alone. Alone that is among the teeming throng of Night/ 18-30 Clubbers, who make the resort of Kavos a home from home as might be encountered any weekend night in any town in Britain. Binge drinking, fighting, f**king and then recording it on camera phone in an attempt to prolong the desultory pleasure. For the mature woman without a single thing to her alias, however is she going to scratch out a living in such company ? When in Rome, or Kavos at least ….

An NHS nurse is constantly waging a battle against the desperate outpourings of patients’ anxieties and how they perceive her as a passive ministering angel. She has developed her own unique method of coping with any and every unwarranted contact. Strokes, slaps, pinches, gropes and punches, are met with a reciprocal sliding scale of chastisement upon the patient’s skin. Professionally calibrated misjudgements with a syringe needle or cannula attachment, metes out her moral reproof. She is a serial wounder. A bruiser of egos and flesh. Just enough reprisal to shock and awe, while remaining under the radar of detection. Until that is, her name is randomly plucked from the ether. Transfused down the information superhighway, via an internet cafe in Corfu and a virtual ransom note extorted by another anonymous stranger waging a single-handed survival struggle …

Gangster threatiquette, “Ibiza Uncovered”, Cilla’s “Blind Date” if it were held in a Police line up, the Casualty frontline, Greek Myths, Oxbridge High Table and nightclub Foam parties: A guided tour into the contemporary British soul, conducted by the presiding Mother Spirit and an arse-slapping midwife. Avenging angels both. This scurrilous and scabrous book not only peels away the sunburnt skin of our hens, stags, booze cruisers and sex tourists, but delights in jabbing fingers into the pus below. Wish you were anywhere but here ?

“A,B&E” is available from Amazon UK, Amazon US & Barnes & Noble.

There will be video readings posted here in the next few weeks.

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