29 Jobs and a Million Lies by Jenn Topper

Dark, twisted, and outrageous, 29 Jobs and a Million Lies is not the story of your all-American girl seeking glory and success, but a glimpse at counterculture’s underbelly and attempts to succeed within that world. From demented B-movie, roach-infested film production offices chock full of freakish characters to the Cannes Film Festival; from starting a punk rock record label to its hard but inevitable crash; from a grimy, Greenwich Village restaurant kitchen to failed attempts at joining the Navy, you gotta ask, What’s a nice girl from the suburbs doing all of this dirty work for, anyway?

29 Jobs and a Million Lies is the gut-wrenching, self-deprecating account of how ambition to stand out was wiped out by clumsy choices, immaturity and self-defeating righteousness. Energized to prove to the doubters that she could succeed despite the unorthodox approach, this litany of boneheaded decisions portrays how the author painfully hurled heart and soul into a long trail of draining pursuits, failing so often that success was invisible. 29 Jobs is a post-GenX novel, except it’s true, and in the vein of Sarah Vowell, Chuck Klosterman, and Dave Eggers. 

Jenn Topper is just over the moon that she’s released 29 Jobs and a Million Lies. She’s currently a corporate sellout but her two perfect little boys don’t seem to mind one bit. Her first novel, Getting the Old Gang Back Together will be out soon so please stay tuned. Jenn is a proud member of the Year Zero Writer’s Collective where there are many writers more talented than herself. Visit Jenn at her blog, http://dontpublishme.blogspot.com or at her author page, http://29jobsandamillionlies.com.  

ISBN 978-0-9843681-0-5

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