We have no desire to spam you. On the other hand, we realise things can get lost in the blog, and we do like to give you freebies. So, from April 2nd, we will be sending out a monthly newsletter that will contain:

  • what we’re up to in the following month – readings, publications, all sorts
  • what was posted the previous month, with excerpts
  • what we’ve been up to – reviews, write-ups of events, links to videos etc.
  • where to get hold of our books – in the real world, online, and as free downloads
  • highlights from our personal blogs

We will probably run a full e-newsletter every other month, with a digest one in the intervening months, depending upon our time – and yours. We may even run some writing comps.

To subscribe, simply e-mail and put “subscribe” in the subject line

We will ONLY send you the monthly newsletter unless you initiate correspondence. We will NEVER divulge or shgare your e-mail address (even with ourselves, as it were – so if you sign up for newsletters from Year Zero you won’t suddenly find yourself on Marc or Dan’s private mailing list). All information will be handled in accordance with the 1998 UK Data Protection Act. You may unsubscribe at any time simply by e-mailing the above address with “unsubscribe” in the subject line.

Some writing by Year Zero Writers may be unsuitable for minors – by subscribing to our newsletter you are affirming that you are of a suitable age to access such material. Year Zero Writers will not be responsible, jointly or severally, if this is not the case.


  1. I have a private mailing list? Someone’s keeping it a secret from me then…


  2. Of course. It’s private :p

  3. Daisy Anne Gree caught me onto this, seems to be the right thing to do.

  4. Robert, it’s a pleasure – your e-mail was received safe and sound 🙂

  5. Is this how I join your mailing list? By leaving a comment here?

  6. Hope my comment (above) will get me the newsletter.

  7. add me – you have my email addy. r

  8. Dan,
    Trying to make me feel worse about no living in the UK, eh.

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