This is where you can download great writing from Year Zero Writers for free. Just click the link to go to a book’s site on smashwords, from where you can download the book for free in a wide range of formats


Brief Objects of Beauty and Despair

Thirteen Shadows Waiting for Sunrise


Songs From the Other Side of the Wall by Dan Holloway, free with coupon ZT52M

Glimpses of a Floating World by Larry Harrison (now $2.99)

Benny Platonov by Oli Johns

29 Jobs and a Million Lies by Jenn Topper

SKIN BOOK by Dan Holloway

The Death Trip by Marion Stein, free with coupon CF23W at checkout.

Loisaida — A New York Story by Marion Stein is also free for a limited time. See offer for information.

and don’t forget our non-fictioneer

How to Spend Less by Anne Lyken-Garner

Anne’s A Model’s Guide to Losing Weight Without Dieting is also available to download, for $3.99

Special Projects

The Higgs Boson Anthology


  1. […] site, interact with the authors, find out more about their work (it is excellent) and then either download a PDF (free – in other formats here) or order a printed copy (paid for) of those books (the links […]

  2. […] long-time readers of this blog will recognize.  You can check that section of their site out by clicking here or typing into your web broswer.  Why not […]

  3. Only one of the books in the above list that I clicked on was actually free.

    • Cassie, apologies, it’s been a while since I updated this page, and whilst our anthologies remain free, I can see that most novels aren’t. Like Marion, I have added a coupon for mine to make it available free.

      • The coupons work and I downloaded a few books as a result. Looking forward to reading your works! Thanks!

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