Robert James Russell

Robert James Russell was born in Grand Rapids, MI in 1981 and has been writing since he was 10 years old. He holds a Master’s degree in English Studies from Oxford Brookes University where he focused on American Modernism and the texts of William Faulkner.

As a writer and a reader, Robert is a fan of well-placed stream of consciousness and stories that feature everyday characters and dialogue, and as such has a penchant for “Slacker Fiction” and stories focusing on relationships (in all their many forms); however, he prefers texts that challenge our thinking, no matter the genre. His stories tend to take place, at least partially, in Michigan, and fall under his self-imposed moniker Midwestern Gothic.

Robert co-founded the indie comic book publisher Saint James Comics in 2009 ( and has excerpts of his debut novel, Impossible Monsters, on his website He is currently putting together his first collection of poetry.
Robert currently resides in Detroit, MI with his dog, Chewie.

2 Responses to “Robert James Russell”

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