Lawrence Gray

Lawrence Gray is the brand name of the “Lawrence Gray Brotherhood.” They write everything and anything, from blogs to novels to short stories to news articles to scripts and other scrawlings, but like making movies and TV shows. Their works have been produced and shown on UK TV and Singapore TV and they have feature scripts in development hell in Hollywood. They teach screenwriting and writing for TV every so often and are available for de-motivational speaking. They strongly believe that perseverance makes not the slightest jot of difference in your fortunes as a writer, or a human being, and that being smart counts for a lot more. They also produce, direct, photograph, and edit their own movies and some time hire themselves out as cameramen and video-journalists. They are the founder and chairmen of the Hong Kong Writers’ Circle and have been in Asia for twenty years. Before that they had a whole other life in the UK. The Brotherhood wishes it had more than one member, but that would only lead to disputes and nothing would get done.

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