Karine Levecque

Karine Levecque

Was born in the market town of Dorking in Surrey, and grew up in the comfortable, affluent, middle-class of the stockbroker belt, a fact she gleefully embraces to this day. A professional secretary and administrator by trade, she has been making up stories since trying to convince her school teachers that the dog did, in fact, eat her homework.

In 2005, armed only with her imagination and her trusty Moleskine, Karine decided that having written fanfiction for ten years, it was about time to pursue her dream of writing her own stories populated by her own characters. To her delighted surprise, her early attempts were fairly well-received (it wasn’t just her friends being kind!), which gave her the necessary impetus needed to continue in this vein.

Four years and several fortuitous accidents later, Karine stands on the edge of a breakthrough: Year Zero. The time, the place, the future is right… right here, right now. Her full-length novels Half Light and Ghost of A Chance are in development; and a series of novels featuring gay spy Rupert and his driver and lover Garth, written in partnership with Angelo Levecque, is in the planning stages.

Karine Levecque is a pseudonym.

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