Anne Lyken-Garner

Anne L-G



First, I’m a freelance writer, then a part-time youth worker. I also work as a television supporting artist with shows like Torchwood, Mistresses (UK’s Desperate Housewives), Skins (with Slumdog Millionaire’s, Dev Patel), Casualty, Being Human etc. And maybe if you look carefully, you’ll see me as one of the Time Lords in Dr Who. In the past, I have been a Stage Actress and played at the National Cultural Centre – the national playhouse in the capital city, Georgetown. I’ve also been a model and even a missionary in my home country of Guyana in South America, and have also had my own call-in radio show.

These diverse experiences and abilities help me to write better, at least that’s what I keep telling myself. My full length book which will be available through Year Zero is different from ‘Voices in the Wall’ but expect a lot of the tension, horror and imperfections of human nature that this short story has illustrated. The bad news is that unlike this short piece, my coming book is all real.


I manage three blogs

Sunday’s Child Lives At Annie’s House which is a general blog about one of my books, Sunday’s Child and other musings etc. I’ve also linked some of my article pages, so a simple look around will turn these up.  I think rather than write about what I write about, it may be better to show you examples of my work.

The Relationship is my second blog, and as the name suggests, showcases my columns and articles dealing with relationships of all types.

A Blogger’s Books is my new blog about books, writing and publishing.

I contribute to a couple of online, (and one hard copy) magazines and have just finished two self-help books which I’m peddling to publishers at the moment. ‘How to Sp£nd L€$$‘ has now been launched on Smashwords and is available as a free download in several different formats. You can also purchase it here.

If you have time after zipping through the blogs, I publish many of my articles here.

Stay well.

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