Anna Le Pard

Anna Le Pard is an Anglo-Irish writer, research academic and therapist. For the past five years she has lived with her family in a stone house perched on a rocky ledge above the river Wye. She was born and brought up on the south coast of England and has worked as a psychologist in a number of English cities.

A strong sense of place and the portrayal of intimate relationships within the compelling narratives of ordinary lives are key features of her fiction. Her first novel, Half in Love, explores the long-lasting effects of childhood attachment and loss:

Emma Ballingham, psychologist, spends her last year as a thirty-something secretly battling her anxieties about what lies beyond her landmark fortieth birthday. She knows her fears – associated with the sudden death of her father at the age of thirty-nine – are irrational and that she will be fine; all she has to do is get through the year. But when Will Dowson, one of her young clients, tells her he was raped by her colleague, Charlie Latimer, Emma’s attempts to help Will threaten her marriage and her career. When thwarted by ‘the system’, she pursues justice on Will’s behalf by going under cover to investigate an underworld of private sex parties and teenage prostitution. Pitched into a self-aware midlife crisis, which includes an affair with a father figure, she writes her memoir of her childhood, gaining insights into her relationships with her lovers.

Half in Love is set in the south of England in the 1990s. It moves from jazz club to therapy room to council flat to psychiatric ward, exploring the impact of attachment, loss and control on relationships.


You may contact Anna about her writing at

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