Year Zero Articles of Association

1. Year Zerø is not a company.
2. Year Zerø owns nothing.
3. Year Zerø is a collective that exists to promote the interests of its participants and to take literature out of the hands of the publishing industry and return it to the readers and writers to whom it belongs.

As a participant in the Year Zerø collective I will have the following rights and benefits:
1. I will at all times retain all rights in my own materials (save for those I produce explicitly for the use of other Year Zerø members such as templates, which I agree – whilst I retain the copyright – to make available in perpetuity to all members of Year Zerø who sign up to these articles so long as they are not in breach of them). I am free to publish my work through any medium at any time. Choosing to publish any material in any way, even if it has previously been released in association with Year Zerø, will not, provided it does not breach these articles, constitute a withdrawal from Year Zerø.
2. I may at any time leave Year Zerø. Should I do so I will have the right, should I request it, to have my name removed as far as is reasonably possible, from all Year Zerø materials.
3. I will have administrative access to the Year Zerø wordpress site, which I may use to promote myself and my work, within the bounds of these articles. I will be free to direct anyone I choose to the Year Zerø site, and to include its url on any other virtual or physical promotional materials.
4. Anyone producing materials for Year Zerø shall grant me the right to use them to promote my work provided my use of them does not infinge these articles.
5. I am under no financial obligation to Year Zerø. Nor is it (nor any participant therein by dint of their participation) under any financial obligation to me.

As a participant in Year Zerø I agree to the following responsibilities, and accept the sanctioning process outlined at the conclusion of these articles.
1. I will never attribute a point of view to another member of Year Zerø without their permission
2. By promoting or releasing any material in association with Year Zerø I assert that I am the owner of the copyright of all such material – or have express permission to reproduce any material owned by a third party. I accept sole responsibility for undertaking due diligence in this respect and sole liability in the event of any breach of third party (including another participant in Year Zerø) copyright.
3. I will never, in association with Year Zerø, promote, release, or in any way make public or convey in private any material that may, by its association with Year Zerø, endanger in any way another member of Year Zerø. This includes, but does not exhaustively consist of: any material that may be deemed directly offensive to a particular religion, any statement of personal opinion that may be deemed offensive on grounds of race, religion, gender, sexuality, age or disability.
4. I will not issue or promote, in association with Year Zerø, any defamatory material. I accept sole responsibility for any liability arising from defamatory content in any of my material.
5. I will handle all information gathered through my association with Year Zerø with strictest care. I will never make public without permission the private details of any company or individual. I accept sole responsibility for ensuring that I handle all data in accordance with data protection laws. In particular I will never, in association with Year Zerø, make, as statements of my opinion, derogatory comments in public about any individual or company where such comments are likely to harm the interests of another participant in Year Zerø (either in their capacity as human being or as writer).
6. Year Zerø is not a political organisation, and I will not attribute to it any political views.
7. Year Zerø is not a religious organisation, and I will not attribute to it any religious views.
8. If I am in any doubt about whether a course of action is likely to be injurious to another Year Zerø participant I will seek the opinion of the collective as a whole.

4 Responses to “Year Zero Articles of Association”

  1. ‘Nuff said.

  2. Can’t think of anything you haven’t covered.

  3. Okay – how does one become a participant? I am a writer frustrated with the industry and also a fan of Daisy Anne Gree’s vids

    • We will be reviewing our membership after we’ve finished our current live tour, probably in April/May. We work in a very narrow genre niche and have a distinctive “feel” to what we do whilst being a collection of disparate individuals, which you’ll pick up from the site (though being a fan of Daisy’s menas you’re probably not a million miles away). We also try to do things from a positive rather than negative angle – as in “these are the great things we do”, rather than “everything the publishing industry does sucks” – we don’t really do applications for membership – we normally earmark people we’ve got our eye on and make advances, but it IS good to know someone’s interested. It helps I know you (and still find the way you used to call me Sardine endearing :))
      Look forward to seeing you around, good ssir.

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