Midwestern Gothic: A Literary Journal

Hello hello! Been a while since I’ve added any writing to Year Zero, and apologies for that, but wanted to share with everyone a cool new venture I started with a friend of mine: Midwestern Gothic.  Here’s our official “About” statement:

Midwestern Gothic is a quarterly print literary journal out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, dedicated to featuring work about or inspired by the Midwest, by writers who live or have lived here. Midwestern Gothic aims to collect the very best in Midwestern fiction writing in a way that has never been done before, cataloging the oeuvre of an often-overlooked region of the United States ripe with its own mythologies and tall tales.

From misc.

We’re prepping Issue 1 right now and it should be out later this month (also available as a digital copy).  Please check out the site, and if you want, sign up for our newsletter here.


~ by yearzerowriters on March 13, 2011.

5 Responses to “Midwestern Gothic: A Literary Journal”

  1. Sounds excellent. I’ll see if I have anything to send your way. Actually, I’ll be bopping through A2 on Thursday.

  2. Love that cover.

  3. Thanks, Penny. And def. send some stuff our way, PD.

    • I ain’t got a clue about midwestern america – I’m an untravelled London girl 😦

  4. Robert, send me an email, and I’ll tell you what I’ve got.

    pdallen at pdallen.com

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