Many Morning


you be the author, I’ll be the pen – push me leaking & looping




Or is it like being a beauty – racing yourself to the kiss off

Or is it like breast-feeding your baby – essential elemental mental

Or is it like smashing plate glass – overflow downdraw method


Just because of because – he bled glass water, blood sunshine


Or is it like glorification – always missing the point

Or is it like detoxification – meds trolley rattle & insects

Or is it like TV – licenced for boredom & bollocks

Or is it like disposable lighters – four for a quid from the pound shop

Or is it like Russian roulette – empty chambers & chance

Or is it like tubal ligation – delivered severed & shut

Or is it like mummy’s best dress – fodder for moths in the wardrobe

Or is it like sucking dick – get good at choking on empty

Or is it like dessication – flaking dead on the sheets


That’s romance to me


Or is it like anyone else – transient terrestrial & trotting

Or is it like lacy fretwork – tracery bracket & buzz saw

Or is it like trapped voice – strangled & garbling solutions

Or is it like heated words – sailing true to the target


Or is it like you – effusive non-commital erratic


Or is it like pistols at dawn – smoking & heavy with bullets

Or is it like macrame – full hitch & double half hitches

Or is it like jousting – lady’s favour & dodging the maimer

Or is it like origami – folding & creasing four corners

Or is it like you told me

Or is it like a wrist with no pulse




I like death breath (angel)

I like inky blue fake

I like yellow frayed

I like soft choke pills

I like a bare-back bitch on a donkey – aren’t I


I fear there is no God. I know there is no God. I fear this. I fear I have no faith. I fear death. I fear love. I fear responsibility. I fear there is no one person I could love completely and for ever. I fear myself. I fear my body and brain. I fear my addictive nature and the way it tricks me. I fear my mood swings and instability. I fear money. I fear poverty. I fear my anger. I fear ageing. I fear fat. I fear food. I fear relapse. I fear my perversity. I fear my sexuality. I fear I will not get what I fear I want. I fear what I want. I fear I will not get what I need, let alone want. I fear lonely drunken drugged-up defeat. I fear arthritis. I fear hip replacement. I fear ugliness and stupidity. I fear violence. I fear war. I fucky hate it when I can’t get through to you. I fear people. I fear outerspace and The Klu Klux Clan and the gas chambers and murder and rape and Vikings on horseback who will slash my spine and pull out my lungs to make the sign of the eagle.


~ by yearzerowriters on March 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “Many Morning”

  1. Of all those things, don’t fear your sexuality- it’s the font of all things creative including one’s artistic drive IMHO

  2. awesome piece

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