Sex Scene: An Anthology

(cover art by John Vestevich)

I had a wacky idea this past June to put together an anthology of sex stories. Not a full-blown collection of erotica in the traditional sense, but rather have some of the most fantastic writers I’ve had the privilege of meeting write (fairly) decontextualized sex scenes. The idea was to see how different people of different cultures and backgrounds (especially writers) view sex, as well as write it. For instance: What sorts of POVs would we see? What sorts of characters would they feature? How detailed would each author be in the actual sex act? I asked of only one thing from each participant: Write a sex scene. That’s was it, and nothing more.

The final product, if can say so, is quite mesmerizing. Many of the artists involved (a few of whom are Year Zero members), told me early on that they’ve either never written a sex scene, or that they were rubbish at putting one together. And, having read the anthology cover to cover quite a few times, I can say without a shred of doubt that not a single piece disappoints. Some are romantic and soft, others hardcore and detailed–most importantly, every single one is unique to who put it together.

I’m proud to say the anthology is now available as a FREE PDF over at Lulu (right here), or, if you prefer, you can purchase a 6×9 paperback for a measly $6.50.

The official synopsis and author listing:

Sex Scene: An Anthology aims to decontextualize sex, asking the reader to look at the act itself as not only a form of art, but also as the very basest of human urges. The result is a cacophony of unique perspectives, cultures, styles and scenes–from soft and romantic to deranged and hardcore–that invites you to leave any hang-ups behind and actively engage in conversations about the all-too-often taboo topic, showing that, perhaps, we are not so different after all. Featuring stories by: Sabina England, Penny Goring, Dan Holloway, Sara Lippmann, Kirsty Logan, Sarah E. Melville, Gary Percesepe, Leah Petersen, Jeff Pfaller, Remittance Girl, Scott C. Rogers, Robert James Russell, and Cherise Wolas.

I hope everyone gets a chance to check it out. It’s free, after all. And even if you think you may not like something like this, trust me, there is something for everyone in here.

~ by yearzerowriters on September 22, 2010.

9 Responses to “Sex Scene: An Anthology”

  1. Is that the Japanese flag?

  2. I found it difficult if not impossible to follow the brief for this collection, which as a writer is a really really good thing. Even though in the end I actually couldn’t produce a completely decontextualised scene, making myself try and fail and keep trying made me feel like teh writing muscles were getting the kind of workout they hadn’t gotten for a long time. And then, when I finally did write the piece in the collection, trying to do so without being aware all the time that this was part of a semi-philosophical, critical theoretical exercise was almost undoable. The result is a piece of fiction with which I’m deeply unsatisfied – but an experience that has undoubtedly left me a better writer for the future.

  3. Well, I am sorry to hear that, Dan, but honestly, I can say, I love your piece. I think it’s just fantastic and exemplifies the collection – there’s a reason why it’s first, after all. 🙂

  4. This is a seriously AMAZING anthology. Some really exquisite pieces.

  5. A sex scene a day keeps the doctor away

  6. I was enthralled by Sex Scene. It has many overlaps with the project I set up not least some of the writers! I think despite all the porn/erotica in the world, it is still quite a rare thing to read work about sex that is not scared to face up to some of the more scary/violent/uncomfortable aspects of sex, and make it seem sexy in doing so.

    Congratulations to you all!

    I loved Dan’s piece too though it freaked me the hell out.

  7. […] James Russell is not only a great writer, and the fiendish genius behind Sex Scene Anthology. He is also one of the people we are chufflicated with pride to have on our forthcoming list, with […]

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