Ten Minutes

Ten minutes ago, the air was clear

The sky was huge, the smells were sweet

Seemingly endless beauty in the smallest of things

Magnifying greatness, soaring across huge waves of ecstasy.

Limitless freedom and boundless fortitude. Leaping, dancing, alive.

Before the clouds covered our eyes and draped us in vulgarity

Before the first drop of blood

In ten minutes it all changed so radically

~ by yearzerowriters on June 15, 2010.

8 Responses to “Ten Minutes”

  1. without being smeared in vulgarity, we wouldn’t be able to soar to spiritual heights through the likes of art

    marc nash

  2. Gosh it’s like you & marc are playing a Platonist duet 🙂 I love the simplicity of this poem, and I like that you can interpret it two ways – as a descent or fall, or as a blessed relief from the anodyne (sometimes the blood and the vulgar smear ARE the spiritual heights)

    • Writing without a little touch of bipolar just wouldn’t be as interesting. I actually felt more comfortable in a weird sense of relief when the second part of this piece materialized.

  3. Simple and extraordinarily effective. Wonderful work.

    • Thanks, babe. The crit I received from a good poet was that I should expand it. Since I’m not a poet if I were to expand it I would make it into prose and come up with a whole story about what happened in 10 minutes. Or something. Which I may or may not do.


  4. expand it to twenty minutes? The change back to no blood.

    Btw, you’re not turning to poetry full time are you? We’ve already lost Dan to that craziness.

    • this is the beginning, middle and end of my foray into poetry. i’d rather leave it to the talented ones! brief moments like this are not expected at my muse’s doorstep.

  5. I love the idea of something as so great as the sky completely changing in ten minutes (as I read into it) — a beautiful reflection of change.

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