Year Zero up for Auction!

This coming week is a chance to buy a piece of Year Zero history. You will remember last month, Katelan V Foisy joined me in Oxford for Lilith Burning. One of the things we did that day was to create the installation piece you see here. Well, now you can BID FOR IT HERE, between June 15 and 7pm BST on June 19, and all the proceeds go to the fantastic OVADA, helping to promote arts in Oxfordshire. I’ll also throw in signed copies of SKIN BOOK, Songs from the Other Side of the Wall and (life:) razorblades included, and postage will be paid anywhere.

Preserved Specimens, Presumed to be Food

19 May 2010, Katelan V Foisy; Dan Holloway

Preserved Specimens, Presumed to be Food documents the juxtaposition of the people and places of Oxford with the archetype of Lilith. In many traditions Lilith is the first woman, Adam’s first wife, cast out and casting out, she stands outside of society and discourse. Representing simultaneously the feminine as nurturing and as angry and appetitive, she appears in many traditions as a succubus or a vampire, both marginal and ephemeral – and absolute and unrelenting.

Preserved Specimens, Presumed to be Food placed the visually unignorable image of Lilith in contemporary Oxford and documented the results, both in the pictures that were taken, and those that were not; and in the unfolding of a day that ended with a series of readings on the subject of the transgressive feminine, which several of those pictured attended.

However striking and unmissable Lilith appears, in these photographs she is simply a catalyst, revealing through their contextualisation of her, truths about the places in which she appears, and about the people she encounters.

Katelan V Foisy is an artist, writer and model from New York. She runs Knickerbocker Circus, both publishers and hosts of unique live interactive events based around old style typewriters, and is the author of Blood and Pudding. A major contributor to the forthcoming collection Lilith: Queen of the Desert, Katelan is also a reader of the Tarot. (;

Dan Holloway is a writer, performer, and curator based in Oxford. He is a founder member of Year Zero Writers, and author of the novel Songs from the Other Side of the Wall, the full length poem SKIN BOOK, and the collection (Life:) Razorblades Included. A music journalist and regular blogger on the future of publishing, he recently founded the eight cuts gallery as an online and real life space for arts events that refuse to fit disciplinary categories. (;

With particular thanks to:


The Project Room

The Albion Beatnik Bookstore

Tiger Lily

The Ballroom



The piece includes Dan Holloway’s SKIN BOOK one of the pieces read at Lilith Burning, the event held at The Albion Beatnik Bookstore on the evening of May 19th, and attended by several of those photographed. As with Preserved Specimens, Presumed to be Food, Lilith Burning provided an atmosphere of warmth and energy, of enrichment and excitement for those prepared to look Lilith in the eye.

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  1. who’s the dude on the left?

  2. he’s the boyfriend of the double bass player 🙂

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