Beautiful Things Live

On July 7th we are absolutely thrilled that Sarah E Melville will be joining us all the way from Fresno for what promises to be the biggest and best Year Zero event yet as we take over The Good Ship in Kilburn (298 Kilburn High Road) for the whole night. We have amazing music, fantastic art, not one or two but THREE book launches, and, of course, a reading or several. All, in Sarah’s honour, on the theme “Beautiful Things that Happen to Ugly People”. It may be FREEEEE but there will be ample opportunity to part with your cash and purchase an unprecedented range of Year Zero books and stuff, as well as CDs from our collaborators.


And, as some of you will be aware, this is the very last chance to see the amazing Daisy perform live in the UK before she heads for the desert.

All of which are reasons to make sure everyone you know who can go does, and make this a night that is simply spectacular

Music from

Shirley Said

To The Moon

Rabid Gravy

Readings by

Sarah E Melville

Daisy Anne Gree

Marc Nash

Dan Holloway

art by Sarm

Featuring the launch of

Beautiful Things that Happen to Ugly People by Sarah E Melville

Dark Light by Daisy Anne Gree

(life:) razorblades included by Dan Holloway

and the all new eight cuts gallery and press

~ by yearzerowriters on June 5, 2010.

6 Responses to “Beautiful Things Live”

  1. I really like the poster, actually. I wish I could be in London for this, stoked for Sarah!

    • CROSBIE! I’m stoked you’re stoked, man. But hey, it’s not too late to buy yourself a ticket so you can come be all literary and cool with me and whatnot. Fo sho.

  2. Is this the cover for the book too?


  3. dude, what am i, chopped liver? i’m headed over to london on june 21 but can’t be there on the 7th! and marcella and i couldn’t somehow get anything worked out in nyc. competition is tight over here. everyone who got fired in the recession has turned into an artist, writer, or fucking cupcake entrepreneur (but that doesn’t come into play here, necessarily).

    good luck, you’ll all do great, and the work is, as always, amazing.


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