Consumer Reports 4 & 5

~ by yearzerowriters on June 4, 2010.

6 Responses to “Consumer Reports 4 & 5”

  1. I’ve been so busy with moving and my pal’s funeral, I forgot this was posting today. I hope everyone enjoys it.

  2. Dale, I love this series. I hope things start to even out for you a little.

  3. Good work, man.

    I’ve been looking at the spacing patterns, trying to see what it looks like…doesn’t really look like anything, does it? I hope you’re not doing random spacing in the hope people will think there’s intention behind it…ha


  4. Dale I’m going to get to this tomorrow, Sunday


  5. I love this series plain and simply. Outstanding. metaphors for our contemporary age.

    marc nash

  6. Well, one more day to get through to lay Jimbo to rest. They couldn’t get him buried until today. So he’s been chilling since then. I’ve got to be there at 9am to bury them.

    Thanks guys.

    @Oli, the layout of the lines is more abstract. It is connected to the words and to the meaning, and the form becomes improvisational and an integral part of the performance. Hopefully, the whole thing can achieve a subconscious effect rather like Blake’s illuminated print, which is subliminal.

    Of course, it was originally written in pen on lined paper. The typed version is only an approximation, limited by my poor typesetting skills at the time I last typed it. As I look over it, I can see long passages that carry a fairly rigid poetic form.

    There are two more to come. But the cycle definitely hit a peak with number 4. Number 5 comes almost as an afterthought, a balm over the gaping wound of #4.

    Well, crap, I gotta get off of here and move more boxes of books. Maybe I’ll play some blues and ragtime guitar before I go. Or maybe the fiddle. Then out to bury Jimbo. From there it’s off to buy grocery and non-grocery items.

    Later all.

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