Live from the Sofa

Daisy with Sarm

Thsi week we had two incredible Year Zero Live gigs with Knickerbocker Circus’ Katelan V Foisy. You can hear what happened at Lilith Burning next Saturday. Here’s what we did at The literature Lounge in The Covent Garden Poetry Cafe

Set in an incense-fragranced, red and candle-lit basement, there’s a great atmosphere for doing poetry – all set off by disarmingly incongruous lines of plastic chairs (our regulars get no such luxury). There’s also a couple of sofas for people to “lounge” around on. We were compered by the engaging and enthusiastic Anjan Saha, who talked a lot about Year Zero and time, and read some Bukowski, which is always a good thing.

Marc in pensive "on the sofa" mode

We’d also got special permission (read: twisted the arm of Ely, the over-lovely manager, so hard he submitted) to hang work by the amazing artist, Sarm, who will be doing a full-on installation at our July 7 Kilburn gig (we were also privileged to be joined by MJ from To The Moon, who will be our musical headline there).

Dan & Katelan "lounging"

Penny sporting the new barnet

This was the most relaxed and at home I’d felt during a London gig (despite the comment that SKIN BOOK was politically incorrect, and a decidedly half-hearted cheer from the crowd as Anjan mentioned Bukowski). There was a fair bit of sitting still and listening, but I got the impression that was because people really loved their literature, not because they felt they had to.

Katelan with our admiring host, Anjan

And the best thing? We’ve been invited back :))

~ by yearzerowriters on May 22, 2010.

15 Responses to “Live from the Sofa”

  1. Oh, I’m so pleased! (+ Daisy’s photos look great!)
    Pen x

  2. Looks like it was lots of fun.

  3. That’s Sarm’s Medusa you can see on the wall behind Katelan

  4. Literary glamour at its finest.

  5. I have to say, everyone looks really fab in the photos.

  6. I want to get to one of these soon, volcano or no goddamn volcano.

  7. Beautiful Photos Daisy. Thank you so much. I am honoured that I was a part of this. xo

  8. Pensive? That’s me at my most relaxed!!!

  9. The barnett is great!

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