Lilith Burning

Lilith Burning: Perceptions, Reflections and Deceptions of the Eternal Infernal Feminine
Lilith Burning is a multi-arts pop-up collaboration between Year Zero and Knickerbocker Circus from New York, in the shape of Katelan V Foisy, who is with us for a set at the Literature Lounge, one of London’s top literary nights at The Covent Garden Poetry Cafe, tomorrow.
Lilith Burning sets out to look at the way the Lilith archetype is viewed in today’s society, and the focal point will be a set of readings on the subject of strange and transgressive women at The Albion Beatnik Bookstore, from 6.30, accompanied by some incredibly cool live music. We’ll be doing more than that, though. During the day we’ll be taking to the streets with a voice recorder and a camera to capture the thoughts of the people of Oxford, out of which some kind of installation will take shape, with studio space coming courtesy of courtesy of OVADA and The Project Room. The result will be a physical piece created on the day, that will be available for sale at OVADA’s next auction (TBA), and a digital piece to be created during the rest of May.
I’ll also be podacsting a discussion with Katelan on the use of female archetypes in our writing.
Lilith Burning readings
Blood and Pudding – Katelan V Foisy
Leviathan – Daisy Anne Gree
Young Henriette and the Scarecrow – Daisy Anne Gree
SKIN BOOK – Dan Holloway
On the surface this is a selection about the violence, brutality and blankness of modern life, using metaphor ad archetype to show that in 2 million years of human history, precise;y nothing has changed. But scratch the surface and these remarkable stories reveal a heartbreaking tenderness, empathy, and warmth. And hope. They are stories told from outside the margins of acceptable human history – from the point of view of and about the shunned and discarded figures of Western discourse – Lilith, Leviathan, the women propping up the porn industry whose jobs literally – as well as metaphorically – gag them. They are stories that stick two fingers to our foundation myths and declare that life us elsewhere, in the back lots and the forests, in the deserts and dark alleys, and at the bottom of the sea. They are stories that show not Lilith burning in hell, but Lilith burning down the city walls and basking in the glow of the destruction of all inside.

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  1. I cannot wait to hear all about this! It must have been spectacular.

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