Takeaway! Dan Holloway

Dan has chosen his favourite 4 uploads from the Year Zero site and made them available as free pdfs. To see the kind of thing he’s chosen, you can read “Awake” in full after the links. Simply click on the title you want to get the pdf.



The Last Fluffer in La La Land



I woke up to a sweating sick-stained sun, locked in a lunacy of suited normals clacketing blackberries hum thrum hangover drum, happy transparent heads.

I woke up sodden, frozen, crusted with tears from dreams of desert spaces, neon electric amphetamine places, haunted keening faces, ant-crawling into undergrowth decaying nests flinging formic burial dance ejaculations at their dying queen.

I woke up homeless, skin grotesqued on John Lewis glass, caged in beige and cursed and coughed and incantated and deflated and scoffed and stoned and slashing, smashing crashing at the window for my outside home.

I woke up on the office floor sodomised by spreadsheet slutting gang-rape jargon-happy whores in shirts and ties and CK1 and stripped and mocked by flights of office angels careening heavenward-career kicks to my crotch.

I woke up staring at the eyes of Martin Luther King, the gaze of Kurt Cobain, the glaze of Janis, Jimi, Jack, the drug-drawn, the persecuted, spat on, the unvoiced, the bony-fingered, track-marked, the unwritten gospels, cracked canvas and dried-up colour-wombs.

I woke up staring at the billion unaccounted reasons not to die, slapped welts to make my cheeks too raw to turn away and cry and cursed the mornings spooling out towards the sunset, and the daily pill the act of will required to make the choice to live.

There is no more tomorrow

There is only an endless today strung out like a thousand junkies coming down the mountain cradling tablets carved with promises from their gods.

We woke up you and me, undreaming dreamers barking out our cocaine chorus at the midnight sun

We run, fucked-up and spectacular, into the dervish hills singing flail-body ballads at the sky.

Heavy-legged triumphant we outrun the sunset,
slash our sinful eyelids,
fix on the skimming morning star horizon,
empty our birthing wail into the dawn
and wait and run and wail and wake and wait

and flash and fill with sheeting screams and answers build and burst and brightness comet-summoning shaman mummers flame the heavens burning relentless the dreaming drabness suits and skirts and office-dark nights and towerblock evening grey and paypacket veins and expectation gym kit briefcase jumpsuit duvet madness

and in the warm the wake they give we take the fireball dawn

we are awake.

~ by yearzerowriters on May 9, 2010.

23 Responses to “Takeaway! Dan Holloway”

  1. Good beginning.

    I’m going to build an amazon list of books available from YZ authors. Unfortunately, there aren’t many. Five that I’m aware of, excluding mine (which aren’t listed on the YZ site).

    Girl on the Swing – Ali Cooper
    Glimpses of a Floating World – Larry Harrison
    A, B & E – Marc Nash
    Black Laces – Marcella O’Conner
    29 jobs & a million lies – Jenn Topper

    What is the purpose of the collective and all the promotions if we have no products to push. And free stuff isn’t product, it’s promotions.

    The few offerings by YZ authors is pathetic. So what if you don’t have an ISBN? You can publish directly to kindle without one, and that’s where all your sales are going to be. Just go to https://dtp.amazon.com/ and register. You can adapt the smashwords style guide to format your book for kindle.

    Kindle readers who like our work will look for our books. And if they can’t find them, they will forget about us. All this free stuff amounts to zilch if we don’t have our books on the market.

    • You’re right. I think I’m going to put together a collection of short stories and publish to kindle. Do you think I should do smashwords and lulu as well?

      • I publish everything on smashwords as well. But I publish directly to amazon via their kindle publishing platform. The only thing that moves on smashwords is free junk, but I still do it anyway.

        I was a dedicated lulu writer for years, but they just can’t meet the deal createspace offers. Not to mention quality. Or the fact that it takes forever for Amazon to pick up lulu books (if they even pick them up anymore). I hear it’s better to go directly to lightning source for publishing, rather than lulu.

        In any case, the print versions are just there so I can say it’s in print. I don’t make any sales on them. When I do choose to stock my books for tabling, it will be useful. But for now, all my sales are in kindle.

        Oh, and watch the price. Readers aren’t willing to pay more than $2.99 for an indie kindle book. Most writers are lowering their price to $.99. That’s the price I have for Tales of da Yoopernatural, but they are novellas and short stories. When I publish my major works I will start out asking $1.99 or $2.99 and hope readers accept that price.

        Let me know when your collection is available and I will add it to my Amazon lists.

        • It’s going to have to wait until I am off the dole. I just checked kindle’s payment policy and they report whatever royalties you make to your government, so that’s out for the moment.

  2. Sorry, I missed Heikki’s book there. It’s not on the list on this site either. Any others I’ve missed?

  3. Okay, I made the list. It only took a few seconds because there are so few books. You can check it out here http://www.amazon.com/lm/R1YQDED9I9YERN/

    I can make changes or add more books. Just let me know.

    I noticed that most of these books aren’t even available on Kindle. If you don’t publish on kindle, you are losing 99% of your sales. Other than to myself and relatives, I have only sold one print edition. Yet I average 30 sales per month of Kindle editions. And that number increases with my backlist.

    You’re dropping the ball, folks.

  4. This is very applicable to me right now. I collapsed and was taken to hospital where they kept me for observation. I felt removed from everything and when I woke up, I felt like I’d taken cocaine even though I’ve never touched the stuff in my entire life.

    • Anne, was this recent? Jesus. I hope you are feeling better.

    • Somehow, I missed this comment earlier. I hope you’re all right.

    • Yes. Came home on Friday night. Still feeling faint. I’m going to a clinic tomorrow. They haven’t found anything so far.
      PD, I opted to publish to Amazon when I put my books on Lulu and Smashwords. I ticked all the boxes. I don’t know why they’re not there. I’ll do that when my head is clear.

      • I’ve noticed that books published over the past year on lulu aren’t being picked up by Amazon. I suspect that after they started createspace, Amazon stopped carrying books published by lulu.

        I really don’t like Amazon. I find the way they treat international (mostly UK) writers and customers to be particularly appalling. But if you want to sell books, you have to deal with them.

        When I published Blood Moon in December, I went with lulu first. Then I looked at what createspace was offering and it was a much better deal. Lower cover price but higher royalties, and lower unit price for me as the author. Lulu couldn’t match it. I would have liked to remain loyal to Lulu, but from a business perspective, the choice was obvious.

        And when I received proof copies from Lulu and Createspace, the Createspace edition was obviously better quality. (This is odd considering they are both printed by Lightning Source.) So I unpublished the Lulu edition and went with Createspace.

        From a business point of view, I would advise you to retire the Lulu versions and go with Createspace or Lightning Source. I think the way Amazon does business is dubious (reminds me of Walmart, yuch). But if you want to make it as a writer, you have to play in their court.

        I suspect the same is true for smashwords. Amazon isn’t picking up their titles. When you opt to publish to Amazon on Lulu and smashwords, you’re just making your books available to amazon. That doesn’t mean amazon has to pick them up. And it looks like they aren’t.

  5. I have 2 books. They’re self-help and not considered to be in the YZ fiction list. I am a YZ writer though…

    • I looked for them on amazon and couldn’t find them. You can’t add books to an Amazon list that aren’t available on Amazon.

      Publish them to kindle and I’ll add them to the list when they’re available. And I’m sure your sales will increase with a Kindle version.

  6. Thanks for compiling the list, PD. It works well, but I agree with you, we need more products.

  7. The question of products is one that has to be thought out very carefully, of course. We need to be very careful, for example, to distinguish books by Year Zero Writers and Year Zero books so as not to overdiversify the range offered.

    PD, I think the reason in quality difference is probably because Lulu’s author copies are not done by Lightning Source, so what we see as proofs differs from what the reader gets – I agree that’s not hugely helpful to us as authors wanting to get a handle on our product!

    • Since about the only reason to publish a paper version is to stock it and table it yourself, this turns me off even more to Lulu. If I published with them and ordered 100 copies and found the quality to be as poor as the proof copy I received, I’d want my money back.

      Anyway, author’s copies cost much less from Createspace or Lightning Source. I can order copies of my books for a little over $2/copy. That means I could table them for $5 (the list price is $7.98) and still double my money.

      • Two dollars a copy is very good. What’s the length of your book may I ask?

        • The volumes of Tales of da Yoopernatural are small, 30,000 to 35,000 words, about 100 pages. I chose to start with this series in order to build a backlist quickly. I have released one every two months since December, but the editing load is burning me out. Thankfully, the last volume will be out is a couple weeks. Then I have a related 100,000+ book, Fiddlesticks, due to publish in August. After that my schedule opens up a bit.

          When I published the first Yoopernatural, Blood Moon, through Lulu, the author’s price was around $5. So Createspace cut that in half. I expect Fiddlesticks will probably cost close to $5 for an author’s copy. If so, I could sell them for $7.50 and still do well.

  8. Dan, Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog post, The Artistic Unconscious. I just wanted to say that I agree with your statement that “writing is at its most authentic when there is no attempt to hide that confessionality.” My point is not to hide from confessionality (love that word, btw) but to be able to really see characters by not hiding. Anyway, you’ve given me much to ponder, and I’m glad you did because I’ve enjoyed perusing your blog.

    • Darrelyn, thank you so much for commenting. I wonder if it is ever possible to do that – or if people are always “as we see them” – with that being, inherently different from how they are to anyone else, and themselves. I wonder, in other words, whether there is any need (because there is no possibility) for you to see your mother other than as such – I think you have put your finger on something crucial – whcih is to allow her voice to be heard and heard in full without the ears ever being stopped up – but then, when you begin to recount wat you hear, it becomes your reflection upon your mother again, and “she” is once more “she in relation to you” – BUT, and this is what IS important – the fact that you have allowed her to be heard in full has changed both of you.

  9. Yes, exactly. I’m still in the middle of this project, but I think you are right. And I must say, I’m enjoying my time with her so much more fully. It’s also interesting to pay attention to your attention. Notice when you look away. What is it that you don’t want to see. You may be surprised.

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