Live at the Literature Lounge

This amazing poster was designed by the amazing Katelan V Foisy

So we finally have all the details through of what promises to be our most exciting gig to date (notwithstanding the day after we will be announcing a VERY special event).

On May 20th, we have the double privilege of being hosted by one of London’s biggest literary nights, the Literature Lounge at the Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden, home of the National Poetry Society and of collaborating with the utterly awesome Knickerbocker Circus from New York.

The event will comprise readings (see below for programme), and also an interactive typewriter installation similar to the one hosted by Knickerbocker Circus last summer. You can let your imagination free to do what it will on one of the old-style typewriters that will be dotted around, and watch the results become art before your eyes. Also contributing to the night’s art will be the fantastic London-based artist and friend of Year Zero, Sarm.


Daisy Anne Gree – Leviathan

Dan Holloway – Awake, Head

Penny Goring – Temporary Passport

Marc Nash – from A, B & E

and welcoming all the way from NYC, reading from her new book Blood Pudding

Katelan V. Foisy: a visual artist, writer, model, and tarot reader based out of NYC.  She is known as La Gitana, likes strong coffee, and enjoys dressing like a character out of Carnivale. Katelan is featured below on the cover of teh collection Lilith, which will, incidentally, be the subject of a flash-gig she will be holding in Oxford during her stay (details next weekend).

~ by yearzerowriters on May 2, 2010.

7 Responses to “Live at the Literature Lounge”

  1. That poster is so hot. I like how the logo looks all Russian space age.

  2. This event looks good. Well done, Dai Holloshay.

  3. Oh, to be stranded in London still.

  4. wish I could make it. hope there’s more videos to view afterwards.

  5. […] Knickerbocker Circus is coming to the UK, and will be joining forces with Year Zero Writers for a set at the Literature Lounge, one of London’s top literary nights at The Covent Garden Poetry Cafe, on May 20. The day before […]

  6. […] super fabulous Katelan V Foisy from Knickerbocker Circus. You know about the big gig we have at the Covent Garden Poetry Cafe. But Katelan is also coming to Oxford to do a pop-up show at The Albion Beatnik Bookstore that will […]

  7. […] Zero and Knickerbocker Circus from New York, in the shape of Katelan V Foisy, who is with us for a set at the Literature Lounge, one of London’s top literary nights at The Covent Garden Poetry Cafe, tomorrow. Lilith Burning […]

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