Sphaeroid/ These Days by Stuart Estell

~ by yearzerowriters on April 30, 2010.

11 Responses to “Sphaeroid/ These Days by Stuart Estell”

  1. The way you have used colour and blurred text in this amplifies the words beautifully. The words feel ephemeral and evanescent as though they are on the point of being lost. Sphaeroid in particular blew me away – it is painful and poignant like Stevie Smith’s Not Waving but Drowning would have been if it had been a hundred times better. Like the ending to Murakami’s Norwegian Wood – which is as high a compliment as I could pay.

  2. Very nice. This is like reading through clouds, or a fine layer of cotton candy. The words remain partially hidden in a mist, like the haze that clouds my thoughts on this early morning.

  3. I like these. Are they deliberately blurred? I’ve got my lenses in & had to squint. I didn’t mind though. The under-arm farting & hysterical asthma are solid sound/mind effects, like spice. Everything is reading whimsical to me, lately. Don’t know if it is or if it is my mind-set.

  4. I’m a sucker for visual typography. I really like the old-style typewritten characters. The blue background seems to suggest more their impress than the pink.

    marc nash

  5. Thanks for the lovely reaction folks.

    Yes – the text is deliberately blurred. Both are poems of my childhood, and I wanted to try and create a feeling of memories receding into the distance.

    • Like a road that was once a thoroughfare that the weeds are starting to reclaim. That’s a technique that sounds like it’s very underused but has huge potential.

  6. A very unusual name (and subject) for a poem, but that’s what makes it special. The fluff bit near the end made me smile. I enjoyed this piece.

  7. So so lovely. I think sphaeroid is my favourite. The blurred text work wonders for it. Exactly like receding memories.

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