The Higss Boson Anthology: Dancing Higgs Particles by Andrew Meek

[Copyright & all rights you could possibly conceive of strictly belong to Andrew Meek]

The following passage is from chapter 13 of Quintessence. my protagonist Alexander Staalman is describing to a psychiatrist a bizarre incident in his past in which he ‘saw’ dancing Higgs particles.

Rewind seven years and I’m back behind the wheel. As I drive through the country lanes back toward home my mind is still wrestling with the idea of something beyond the mathematical models we struggled with in Geneva. I am wondering how the Higgs boson would appear to us; how would we – mere three dimensional beings perceive a five dimensional object? The reality of it beyond that mathematical model.
I, I heard something. A whisper, faint, barely audible, like, like a child’s cry. I brought the Dino to a stop – taking two wheels onto the grass.
Then, it sounded like – not crying -singing, a painful, mournful song. That’s when it happened, that’s when it appeared before me – there it was. There it danced, right before my eyes. I don’t mean inside my minds eye, I mean right in front of me, in the world outside of me. I knew what it was, this “thing”, this beautiful thing. A Higgs Boson. It spun and turned and glowed and throbbed. It hovered there in space, just inches from my face. It was in constant motion, constant change. Geometric shape-shifting. Then, not just one, hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, trillions, filled my field of view.
The colour…the colour was so intense. Every shade of every colour I had ever seen, every hue, and many more I had never seen before. I couldn’t even begin to describe them, the words simply don’t exist. They danced this elaborate dance, this intricate ballet. I was spellbound. I held out a hand. They danced round it, through it. I shouldn’t be able to see them, for one thing they should be subatomic in size, yet there they were, like tiny glittering – forever changing – shapes of multi-coloured light, each about the size of a small pea. They…this is hard to explain; they moved in so many directions all at once that they didn’t really exist in one place, but many. The more I noticed them, the more the world about me was alive with them, until they filled every available space in my vision.
‘Some kind of hallucination?’

Back again.
‘No…I…I don’t know. All I can say is that this was real, perhaps the most real experience I’ve ever had. It was like when, as a child, I first put on a pair of glasses – hyper real. It only lasted a few seconds then they slowly evaporated back to wherever it was they had sprung from. But…something else… there was something else, something inside me, yet, outside of me…something was different’.
‘Go on’.

I stopped the engine and stepped out of the car. The moment my feet touched the road I knew what it was. The Earth beneath me wasn’t beneath me any more, it was an extension of me, and I it. I felt the planet move, I mean, actually moving, turning. I felt my body turning with it, connected to it. I felt the planet below me, I mean, all the way to the core. I felt the world tumbling through space. I felt that space around it, the universe, I could feel its depth, spread out in each and every direction all at once. And I felt time – as one time – all times folded into a whole, a continuum. Oh, the endless depths of it… it overpowered me, swept through me. For the first time in my life I knew where I was, I knew what I was, in space, in time, in creation.

I’m back before him now, my mental time travelling done.

~ by yearzerowriters on April 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “The Higss Boson Anthology: Dancing Higgs Particles by Andrew Meek”

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  2. I love the lyrical philosophy of your work, Andrew. This piece, of course, with a title like that and your elegiac, epic style just makes me think of THAT scene in Blade Runner. Which is a very very good thing

  3. Beautiful vision.

  4. When science gets all Tao.

    I think of our language as operating in the third dimension, when it’s trying to address things in the fifth dimension of reality. Hence it falls plenty short.

    marc nash

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