The Higgs Boson Anthology: Where Are You? by Sarah Snell-Pym

[Copyright & all rights you could possibly conceive of strictly belong to Sarah Snell-Pym]

Higgs Boson, what and where are you?
The physicists are getting in a stew
Some say you don’t really exist
Just some mathematical twist
But SUSY says you are there
Regardless of what results may come to bare
SUSY says you’re more than one
There’s a whole family –
Higgs Boson, why do you hide?
Is it some particular pride?
Is it because you are underweight
the cosmos is actually in this state?
Or are you so massive you are overlooked?
Or live so fast you’ve been mistook?
CERN’s been searching high and low
Dragging Hadron along in tow
Higgs Boson, your existence is such a concern
At least to those who mix with SUSY and CERN

~ by yearzerowriters on April 21, 2010.

7 Responses to “The Higgs Boson Anthology: Where Are You? by Sarah Snell-Pym”

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  2. I love it – it’s like a Keatsian ode for the 21st Century

  3. I can imagine Sylvia Plath reading the line “Just some mathematical twist” in a really sardonic tone of voice. Not that the poem is at all Plath-like. I love the bounciness.

  4. Suess meets Said(Adunis)- well done.

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  6. Thanks 🙂

    It’s not what I sat down to write but it had its shape and it wanted out and so there it is!

  7. […] was trying to get into – well the poem Where Are You has been accepted It can be seen here on the Year Zero Writers Blog and I believe it is avaliable in some e-reader format from Amazon […]

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