Wedding Night

The astute amongst you may be aware that some of us here at Year Zero think rather highly of a writer/playwright/filmmaker called Sabina England (and those of you familiar with my personal blog will quite possibly be aware that my own feelings towards her veer – I hope in a  non-creepy kind of way – to the adulatory). Sabina is what is technically known as one of the most extraordniary creative talents on the planet.

I had the pleasure of meeting her when she came to the UK last year to promote her play How the Rapist was born at the Tristan Bates theatre in Covent Garden.Now she is turning her hand to filmmaking, with the 15 minute film Wedding Night. She’s looking for $1000 to meet the production costs, which she is raising through the uber-fab site IndieGoGo. As we speak, she has already reached $395 of that. Sabina sends her advance apologies that she won’t be able to answer comments in person for a few days as she is away from the internet, but we hope that by the time she returns, the budget will be in place.

What follows, is her own brief description of the project, along with a rather fabulous video about the campaign to raise the budget, explaining why Wedding Night needs to be made. But please


the video contains scenes of Sabina wearing smart clothes and an almost formal hairdo that hardcore fans of her work may find disturbing.


WEDDING NIGHT is a 15 minute film & tells the story of a Pakistani bride & a Desi American man who meet together for the first time on their wedding night. The husband expects his wife to be a shy, polite bride, but she is nothing like that. In Pakistan, she had a “reputation” which brought shame to her family. In short, she was known as a whore. It shocks her husband & he’s devastated. The wife feels trapped in this marriage, but she’s determined to control her life.


In Hollywood, there are many female filmmakers, but they are fighting to be heard and have their films be noticed. Even in the 21st century, Hollywood is still considered a man’s territory. Only in 2010, did a woman finally win an Academy Award for BEST DIRECTOR. It’s still a battle to bring female-focused stories onto the big screen, but that hasn’t stopped female filmmakers from making it happen. My film is female focused, it tells the story of a woman from a woman’s perspective, and it shatters racist, xenophobic and stereotypical ideas of Muslim women and South Asian women.

Backing WEDDING NIGHT is not just about helping out a female filmmaker. It’s also about giving an opportunity to a Deaf woman. Deaf people are constantly struggling to find opportunities in the film industry. I want to inspire them and tell them, THEY CAN DO IT, TOO.


I have already created a film budget plan, so I know how the money will be spent.

-film camera & equipment (Canon XH-A1 film camera) including boom mic, tripod, batteries, tapes
-lighting kit
-stipends for the Director of Photography, two actors
-fees for location shoot
-fees for food catering for actors and crew during 2 days of shooting
-fees for post-production (editing studio, music, and sound)


I studied at London Film Academy for a summer course and learned essential filmmaking skills— storyboards, setting up the camera, shooting, directing, cinemateography, editing, and post-production sound.

Last year, I launched a successful comedy webseries on Youtube called “The Velma Sabina Show,” almost all of my videos have crossed over the 1,000 view mark.

I’ve had my plays performed and produced in London, UK. I have been active in theatre from a very young age— from writing, directing, acting, and stage managing. I graduated from University of Missouri-Columbia with a B.A in Theatre (with a focus on Playwriting).

~ by yearzerowriters on April 17, 2010.

6 Responses to “Wedding Night”

  1. Sabina is just crazy talented and I adore her. The more people that donate, the more my faith in art returns.

  2. Fab sales pitch. I can’t wait to see this film.


    Become a fan of sabina england, the deaf punk playwright 🙂

  4. Yes Sabina is talented. And you fancy her.

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