The Higgs Boson Anthology

The Higgs Boson Anthology book buzzr is here so you can enjoy higgs-related stories anytime you like:


All this week, we will be posting conrtributions to The Higgs Boson Anthology, in which writers from Year Zero and beyond react artistically to the search for the elusive boson. Scientists are the front line in the struggle to explain our world, but scientific knowledge belongs to everyone. It is the job of the artist to find a home in the collective conscious for new information.

Contents (updated daily):

Nonfiction by Bradley Wind

Untitled by Stuart Estell

LHC by Marc Horne

No Matter What by Tom Bladon

The Unknown Proof by JCH Slaton

Gone Gorilla by PD Allen

Where are You by Sarah Snell-Pym

The Originas of Mass by Sheena Ignatia

Say Hello Wave Goodbye to the Particle God Function by Marc Nash

Dancing Higgs Particles by Andrew Meek

Higgs Boson by Lev Parikian

The Protracted Series of Mildly Humiliating Events that Lead to the End of the World by Daisy Anne Gree

Solid by Dan Holloway

Supersymmetric: Almost but not Quite by Alison Wells

The Theory of Everything by Marcella O’Connor

To kick off the anthology, please enjoy this nerdcore rap video from FERMI NATIONAL ACCELERATOR LAB :

~ by yearzerowriters on April 16, 2010.

8 Responses to “The Higgs Boson Anthology”

  1. I think this is a great idea. ‘It is the job of the artist to find a home in the collective conscious for new information’ is very true. Let’s bridge the arts/science divide. I will look forward to the postings.

  2. That video is funny. I like the bison.

    The human genome in one of my novels complains about the probing/raping of her by scientists she compares to crotch-grabbing rap artists…

    marc nash

  3. I don’t usually have trouble with vids on this site, but the link is reading as a line of HTML code. Anyone else having a problem? I can cut and paste the link and see it that way …

  4. I cut and pasted Larry


  5. Christ, Larry – was that painful?

  6. […] The Higgs Boson Anthology […]

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