27 Grams (The Weight Of The World)

The strippergram practiced her routine

listening to her stereogram

a mocking echo of the light entertainment programme

her Grandmother who reared her used to listen via radiogram

while sat decoding the acrostic’s crafty anagrams

unravelling its grammatical cats cradlings

as intricate as the origami tangrams she crafted

for she liked to keep her engrams active and lithe

How she always had to wait for her Grammy to go out

dressed in her dowdy grogram skirt

and matronly gramashes in order

to attend  lectures on Antonio Gramsci

to rebut his atheist’s hegemonic sociograms

on her monogrammed notepaper

for only then could the girl switch to the phonogram function

wheeling around the parlour to Nick Drake and Gram Parsons

deprogramming her strict upbringing

Gramercy if once her guardian didn’t return home early

feeling queasy from the implications of an angiogram

finding her scion cavorting lewdly she accused her of gramary

a tone as declamatory as if she’d daubed a bloody pentagram

taking in vain the spirit if not the name of the tetragrammaton

out on her ear tromping the isograms

making her way through the Grampian Hills

the start of her three grammes-a-day cocaine habit (six at weekends)

oiling her roaring trade as a strippergram

as the oleaginous punters love to give her impromptu mammograms

~ by yearzerowriters on April 6, 2010.

15 Responses to “27 Grams (The Weight Of The World)”

  1. This is avowedly light (as in lite).

    Prompted by the word ‘kissogram’ in this weekend’s “Doctor Who” which just got me riffing, though I had to um upgrade her to a strippergram.

    marc nah

    • Have you temporarily run out of s’s for your surname?

      • Nah, he’s just trying new ways of spelling. This piece has plays on words that would be a translator’s nightmare and ultimate challenge, but since S. Lem’s Cyberiad has been translated from Polish into English, it’s doable.

        Well done Marc!

  2. I can hear Thom Yorke singing that with Johnny Greenwood strumming in the background.

    • I shall have to kill myself then

      marc naSh (it went into the word ‘strippergram’)

  3. Totally graminivorous, Man!

  4. Priceless – and it’s driving the completist in me utterly nuts, of course – am I the only one to notice that you’re a gram short of an ounce? as it were 🙂

  5. Gramd use of a motif used to give the meter it’s rhythm. This is quite a lyrical piece.

    • Thanks PD. is there a space between the phoentic impact of the word (through repetition of the word ‘gram’) and any symbolic/imagistic power of the words arranged here?

      I almost feel that the word ‘gram’ by ordering the whole piece, empties each line of specific meaning, much as a facelift heaves the skin back over the bones of the skull, and yet the overall meaning persists.

      I’m going to have to give it some more reflection.


      • “I almost feel that the word ‘gram’ by ordering the whole piece, empties each line of specific meaning”
        Absolutely – you’re coming very close to embracing a modernist principle there, Marc.
        Oh, and what better to make it up to an ounce than a gram of gram flour?

  6. What would be her epigram?

    Love the idea of a marc nah. Such an American slangy way of saying no.

  7. Oh I love this! & Marc NAH made me guffaw out loud. GOL!!

  8. ha — marc nah. Nah, bro. Nah.

    The different ways ‘gram’ appears in each line makes me smile. The ‘scion cavorting lewdly’ is great.

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