Christi Warner

Christi Warner is an incredible poet, singer, songrwiter and playwright. Anyone who was at our gig at The Albion Beatnik will have heard the extraordinary way she turns words into rhythms in both her poetry and her music. If you weren’t there, don’t despair because we’re very much hoping Christi will join us at future events. You can also by her album, “I found my Rhythm” on her website. Christi was kind enough to share with us two of the poems she perfomed at the gig. Absolutely all copyright, rights, everything are hers. [nb the little dots aren’t Christi’s, they’re the only way I could get a recalcitrant WordPress to break up the verses]

The rhythm of love

I’m not tryna be vicious

I’m not asking for an ideal world

That would just be too factitious

And I ain’t dropin just another cliché

Wits say someone’s gotta keep this discourse going

And if you wanna pass this course

Facts don’t rest with Adam and Eve

Just leave the past or you’ll be deceived

The mission today is to fight for equality

In actuality that entails genuine action

That’s if you fancy a true connection

We gotta set the table and go full course

I promise you won’t doze

Curiosity’s got you going like a louse on my noise

Cause this time I spit what’s stored in your heart

I must be hinting silence

Compared to violence…  Silence is just as crude

Dude I could lie but I promised to set the mood


When waters seem quiet

It could be that deep down

where the sound is bona fide

Trouble’s winning an award for destruction

False love in protraction,

making promises but no action

Empty words sounding smooth

like an African Boy’s verses

Silent love portrayed in purple blue stains

She’s in chains, but she’s deceived

Believing that she’s weak

Solitude scares her more

And so she stays in shackles

Making you and I believe that those are jewels of love

Dream on if you choose to believe


Talk about shackles, fetters they be hidden too

It’s sisters playing mould the clay

See how we play our artistic flavour on brothers

She can’t find Mr. Right 

But she sure knows how to choose him right

She’s got the craft to make him spot on

Her favourite game? To put the puppet show on

And if he doesn’t wanna bend

She won’t say nothing but give him the look on

And he will say nothing but repent

With Dolce and Gabbana maybe Versace,

Gucci, Vivienne Westwood if you’re local,

come on girls the truth must be vocal   

If he ain’t got the loot, some chocolate will do

And when she’s stout and loud,

He’ll have reason to leave or deceive her

See I got food for thought

I’m a word kleptomaniac

Lord, let this soul sister spill some facts

Brands and Bills


make life a game of traps

He knows his game is lame

but he seeks his fame, he’s ready for clubbin,

He’s got his gear on. Stay clear ‘cause

the plan is to dunk some girls,

He made some bills

now he’s revolutionized Vellies¹ for Timbo’s²

He’s the star in his own music video,

Jacob the jeweller’s asleep on his arm

Been off duty since he nicked it off some tourist 

It sure is big enough to charm

no one will notice the battery’s on strike


He’s not sad, check out his mouth 

It’s going platinum.

Enough to make the girls go frozen

Jeez, how some brothers trap you

You’re hooked like a fly to a stake

She’s going on a date… She thinks it’s fate

And yet she’s late… He’s gone out the gate

He ain’t coming back, his heart is black

The game is on; he’s got another fool for lovin

Maybe another bun in the oven

Will she sue? What’s the use,

He ain’t got no money honey

She had no clue. And she’s so blue.


Show the other side of the coin? It’s only fair…

Come on girls, the truth must be vocal

She got burnt. ‘Cause she thought

she could get this fake millionaire trapped

But he ain’t got no money, honey

She had no clue, she’s just so blue 


See I got food for thought,

I’m a word kleptomaniac

A brainy act that knows when to stop

Might just find myself on the

wrong side of the sword

Lord, save me if this precision causes a riot. Amen. 

© Christi Warner 2005  

1. Vellies: “’veldskoene’ (pronounced felt-skoon nu) in-expensive shoes worn in Africa.

 2. Timbo’s: referring to Timberland shoes.


My Voice

One night she said…

She said what little she could

‘Mommy I wonder how the snake leaves its mark on a page

Today I saw a book and it owned my name

Did the snake leave her mark in my name too?

My teacher is a magician, she took a wand

and commanded the paper to own my name

I just told her my name is ‘SHEILA’

And for the first time I saw how I appear on paper

Mommy will you teach me how to make my name, Please?’


Darkness and daylight danced many times

And she kept asking and I kept whispering…

‘tomorrow, tomorrow sweetheart…’

When tomorrow came, cooking kept me hostage

Cleaning kept me yearning for more time with her,

But work became my child

And my child, a child of her peers, her teachers

Oh, how I wished to sit by her bedside

and have my voice paint the pictures

in the storybook she kept by her bedside

Oh she kept asking and I kept whispering

‘It’s too late sweetheart, you need to sleep,

tomorrow, tomorrow maybe…’


Last night she said…

“Mother, will you be my witness tomorrow, it’s my special day”

And I said ‘tomorrow sweetheart, it’s a promise’

When tomorrow came she was my Angel in white

On a piece of lawful paper she signed her new name

right next to the name I gave her

The same name I could never teach her to write

Sadness escaped my eyes but just for a second though

because this day danced with pride

as she witnessed how I commanded the paper

to own my voice for the first time.


© Christi Warner

~ by yearzerowriters on March 29, 2010.

11 Responses to “Christi Warner”

  1. Christi, thank you for sharing these. The way you use rhythm is quite incredible.

  2. Thanks for bringing some soul to my very dreary, rainy day, Christi. These sound like Blues tunes. I think they would make some excellent blues rhythms.

  3. Second that Emotion. You blew us all away at Oxford and I look forward to seeing you at another Year Zero gig soon. Performing with musicians like you and Jessie Grace is an inspiration.

  4. Oh wow! Your comments mean so-so much to me. It was wonderful peforming at Albion Beatnik, Dan thanks for the invite and to the audience thanks so much! You were a wonderful audience! Yes Dan I sure hope to perform again with Year Zero. In advance: Happy Easter!

    • And a very very happy Easter, Christi, and thank you. I’m just waiting for exact dates before I send you some more invitations to perform 🙂

  5. ‘My Voice’ is just so incredibly moving it killed me reading that. Powerful writing going straight into me. Intense.

  6. Thank you Penny, you’ve just made my day better and better!

  7. Sweet lyrics for a spring day. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Thank you so much PD! Glad you read it. Have a wonderful week.

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