First and Worst

One of the scenes I remember most strongly from student days spent watching too much cinema, is the “Valentine” scene in Silence of the Lambs, when Clarice unearths the head of flautist Benjamin Raspail. Lecter describes it as “the first efforts of a fledgeling serial killer”. Well, we writers all had to start somewhere too.

This series came out of a discussion we had when Sarah posted The Wizard and I a week or so back. So as and when anyone is feeling brave enough, we’ll be posting samples of our very first footsteps in the literary world. It’ll be fascinating to see just how little progress we’ve made in all those years. An enormous thanks to Heikki for putting his head above the parapet and agreeing to be first.

~ by yearzerowriters on March 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “First and Worst”

  1. Be gentle with me. Ouuuuch. Blame it on the Knights Templar

  2. Ha ha! It’s actually rather marvellous – makes me a little nervous about my own effort from when I was 9.

  3. Erhm, thanks Dan – I was 32 when I wrote this. If you go to, you’ll see where it all came from. This is the first website I ever created, and someone grabbed a copy of it to keep it alive when I wanted to go offline.

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