Feed Tube


~ by yearzerowriters on February 21, 2010.

12 Responses to “Feed Tube”

  1. Cool powerful stuff. Point, counterpoint, the secret to life is breath, and I bin doing it all wrong… will continue to ‘savor’.

  2. Amazing! & it looks amazing too.

  3. Brilliant piece. Amazing look to it too. Visual poetry.

  4. Loved this. Posed side by side, the two voices tell a complete story in stream-of-consciousness impressions. It’s sort of like the right column is the internal thoughts, almost childlike in nature, trying to make sense of the world around it. While the left column is the face presented to the world, appearing self-assured and even confrontational, while really more clueless than the voice within.


  5. Whoa! Lovely. True. That’s it.

  6. This is exraordinary (and technically for getting WordPress to comply!!). I’m intrigued by the way you have the two halves speaking in esentially the same voice?

    • The format is just 5 screen grab jpegs of the origianl Word document – in order to circumvent WordPress’s foibles!

      The piece is from a two-hander play for Mother & unborn daughter addicted to heroin in utero. The play explores space of having something inside your body, yet that is other and the blurring of these through the addiction passed along the umbilical. Two interlocking bodies and consciousnesses, yet somehow their separateness has to be established too. There was lots of physical movement and gesture with the piece, as the two ‘bodies’ were out of sync with one another because of the time lag before the opiate was passed along the feed tube.


      • Yes, I got what it was about – and I get the way that the feed on the screen mirrors the drip. It was just the similarity of voice I wasn’t sure of, but I see taht you are making a point about the child’s identity being subsumed under that of its mother’s addiction.

  7. Ah, clarity from your explanation. I guess I missed it. Oh well.

    • I’m happy with it either way. A voice trying to establish its own distinct consciousness, but heavily imposed upon/influenced by the other voice. Clearly an unborn embryo doesn’t have a developed adult consciousness, so there is also the sense of it being the empty part of the mother who need nourishing as well. In the play the embryo was doing far more nourishing of the adult mother than vice versa. Maybe it was the last remaining healthy vestige of her.


  8. So sorry, Marc. I can’t read the bold, small writing against the black background. It may just be my computer screen, but I wear glasses and the writing is ‘jumping all over the page.’
    Many other people read it, so it must just be me.

    • No worries Anne. The dilemma I was faced with is I can’t just type it straight into WordPress. It had to be a snapshot JPEG and since we’ve got as black background for the site, I had to do my original Word document white text on black background.


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