Year Zero Live…In Words

Bands playing

Voices flaying expectations

Penny rending

mic bending

audience sending bewildered tweeted postcards to the futture

press wandering

journos pondering, what’s happening here

with us

without us

behind the crime-scene tape

away from commercial rape

Marc with clippers

boiler-suit, eschewing pipe & slippers

To the Moon, to the stars

tramping mind-fucks round the bars


incite, excite, put normality to flight

Jessie Grace

lacing pipe-vaulted holy space with angelic profanity


sell, go To Hell With Books

with Nooks, askance looks

Larry’s Ronnie retches

fetches memories of a city’s past

into its trilbied wannabe studio lot

its hothouse flowers preserving bowers,


faint when Daisy changes tack

throws waxed hair back

cuts no slack

slit-wrist hit list

bright lights

troubled nights

in our sights

~ by yearzerowriters on February 6, 2010.

One Response to “Year Zero Live…In Words”

  1. A big thumbs up for this.

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