On film

We have more films! Thank you to Sandie Dent

The end of SKIN BOOK

Daisy Anne Gree

I’m sure we’ll have many films in the coming days, but here’s the first. Thanks tpickup1 (YouTube name). Here’s parts our Penny reading the gum-numbingly brilliant Bone Dust Disco in two parts.

~ by yearzerowriters on February 6, 2010.

6 Responses to “On film”

  1. Brilliant! Well done, lads.

  2. Loved it.

  3. wonderful!

  4. So wonderful to get this event off the ground and to have the wonderful talent. I’m so bummed there’s a damned ocean in between us.


  5. Yeah, Jenn. We’ll have to do something on this side of the ocean. But then we’re all so spread out in this country.

  6. So glad it was a success, as it was always going to be with such concentrated talent. When you making this an international tour?

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