A Bordello in the Chambers of my Heart

Life says
There’s a bordello in the chambers of your heart,
Under the eaves
The semi-dark breeze
The pigeon scat and bat-soaked beams.
Life takes off its come-stained raincoat
In the orange-grey
Hot rock melting-sweet-syrup-smack
Cigarette bud light,
A thousand sweat stench scents
String out on the scab slab floor
Seep spores leaching into gravestone paving.
Life looks up at me,
Dangling skirt flap,
Bird crap,
Its palm and fans me a light
And scans
And whispers
Is that right?
I spark up
And hum
Yeah, that’s my price.

~ by yearzerowriters on January 28, 2010.

5 Responses to “A Bordello in the Chambers of my Heart”

  1. Bravo. We need some way to applaud on these blogs.

  2. Hi. I know you’ve seen this before this month, but it’s a first for me to put a poem up here. Your appreciation is much appreciated 🙂 Yes, we could do with animated emoticons!

  3. Yes, I was lucky enough to see this before. Liked it very much then, I recall. That has not changed.


  4. Again, awesome! Have to read it out loud–it’s got music.

  5. Thank you both.

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