What is ‘Blog Explosion’?

Their website tag says, ‘explode your blog traffic’ and that’s precisely what they have the potential to do. Blog Explosion, simply put, is a website that allows you to submit your blog to their directory in exchange for traffic to yours.

How does it work

At the point of submission, Blog Explosion (BE) takes a thumbnail of your site. This will be used on other blogs as your ad. You can change this thumbnail whenever you like. As your half of the swap, you copy and paste a code into your blog (it’s as easy as placing a ‘follow panel’ or a ‘blog list’) to advertise other members’ thumbnails.

With that done, all that’s left to do is to log in regularly and surf other blogs in BE’s directory. You’re paid in ‘credits’ for each blog you surf. ‘Surfing’ is done simply by clicking the ‘surf members blogs’ link on BE’s home page. You only do as many as you want, but as there’s a counter on each page, you’re required to spend at least 20 second on each blog before you can receive your due credit.

These credits are equivalent to a sort of ‘legal tender’ with which you use to ‘buy’ traffic for your own site. Once you’re finished surfing (5 minutes will buy you several credits for one day). You click on the ‘assign credit’ button and you’re assured visits to your blog for the day. Remember that surfing other blogs is how this circular barter system runs smoothly. Everyone on the system gets traffic from everyone else. You don’t need to comment, click a ‘like it’ box or anything of that sort.

The fun stuff

 Apart from surfing for credits, you can barter for traffic for your blog in other fun ways. These are all optional and I didn’t use them until after months of being on BE.

Battle of the Blogs: as long as you have enough credit, you can enter your blog into a battle. This is simply where you use some of your credits to ‘fight’ another blog for points. Fifteen other members visit both blogs and vote for the one they think is better (several battles are fought simultaneously). This gives you 15 more good quality visits to your blog whether you win or lose. This sounds shallow, but it’s a perfect way to gauge your visitors’ perception of your blog. If you win most of your battles, you’ll know you’re doing something right. The winner gets to keep 70% of the credits pooled together for the battle, and the members who voted share the rest of the loot. Voting in battles also gains you points if the blog you voted for wins. All votes are anonymous.

Blog rocket: You put your blog on the rocket. It starts from the bottom and gets ‘rocketed’ upwards until it gets pushed off the top by other blogs. It costs 1 credit to submit your site, and again, your visitors have a timer ensuring they’ll stay for at least 20 seconds; the time it takes to record a valid visit to any site. There are other fun ways to gain traffic like scratch cards and blog tycoons (which you never have to play). Many of them will win you hundreds of credits, and some are a gamble in which you can also lose some of your credit if you choose to take part.

There is a service to submit your headlines and snippets of all your new posts – more valuable traffic. BE also allows you to ping your blog every few hours. Pinging services alert major search engines that you’ve posted something new.

Why submit your blog to Blog Explosion

  •  It’s a free site; one of the best from which you can receive recognisable traffic for your blog.
  • Each system has a built-in timer so ‘surfers’ have to stay on your blog for a required amount of time in order to be given any credit for it.
  • It’s convenient for days or periods where you have no posts to spike your traffic.
  • You’re assured that as long as you’ve assigned traffic to your blogs, you’ll get unique Google-recognised visitors seeing your work.
  • You’re guaranteed unique traffic every day of the year. All you need to do is to spend a few minutes surfing other BE blogs.
  • You may even find some blogs you’d like to bookmark.
  • Get free and international marketing for your books. If you’re a writer, I’m assuming you have your books in a prominent place on your blogs. BE members/surfers come from all over the world and each click on your blog is a chance to market your work to someone you could never reach on your own.

The disadvantage of Blog Explosion

The only disadvantage I’ve found with BE is that it takes a long time to get your blog approved for their directory. There’s a long list of blogs waiting to be listed. Once your blog has been submitted, it’s a good idea to post a reminder on the forum at intervals, just as a hint that you’re still waiting. If you post on the forum, be sure to leave a link to your site in your signature as another way of getting more traffic to your blog.

To sign up

 There is yet another way to gain traffic to your blog, and it’s by telling other people about Blog Explosion and having them sign up with your unique link. While this post is not about getting traffic to my blog, I may as well grab the chance it presents me. If you think Blog Explosion is a site that may be useful to you, you can choose to sign up as a free radical here or with my unique link (gaining me some traffic) here.

If you want to see the live traffic in action you can look up my Feedjit account on my writing blog or my relationship blog.  You will notice that during some periods in the day, I get several recorded views from BE. The number you see is only a percentage of the visits I get from BE because my Feedjit account only records ‘certain’ traffic.

~ by yearzerowriters on January 19, 2010.

8 Responses to “What is ‘Blog Explosion’?”

  1. You’re so full of great information for bloggers, Anne! The one thing I never quite get with these sites is that if we all do them merely to gain traffic, and the traffic is all people like us, then everyone’s stats improve but no one actually gets any of its target audience – or do they? You’re way more of an expert on this than me.

    One site I LOVE that does something sort of similar is Alphainventions.com – which gives people a real-time feed of blogs that are being updated. If you click on their homepage you’ll se what I mean – the homepage is just a frame to display whatever blog has just been updated – I’ve discovered some awesome sites through it, and just LOVE the idea.

  2. One part of me is incredibly grateful for this heads up, the other part of me thinks ‘that it has come to this…’


  3. Dan, I understand what you mean. This may be true to start with, but building up your traffic is building up your visibility. This is what’s important. The more visible you are in search engines, the more power you have in terms of how you market your product – your writing. For example, this site could be a lot more visible than it is. The only reason it isn’t is because people don’t know that it exists. This site has better writers and fiction than other sites I’ve come across, yet potential readers haven’t found us because we haven’t shown ourselves to them (see below).

    Marc, BE is just one of the sites that helps you gain more readership. I’ve found quite a number of interesting sites from being on BE, many of which I’ve bookmarked. We’re just a tiny dot in the Internet universe. Type ‘indie fiction’ into Google and see how many results you’re given.
    Being listed on a large directory tells Google you’re worth being listed by them too. Google ignores you unless ‘big boys’ tell them you’re worth it. This is where all this come in.

    • Thanks, Anne! I know I need to work harder with tagging, and maybe SEO in general is something to look it properly. What I’m very aware of for our particular readers is that any sniff of “corporate” or advertising or anything that could even be construed remotely in that way and they’ll run a mile, so it’s a careful juggling act. Attracting more people who will love what we do is great. Attracting 100 people who are vaguely interested and losing 10 who love us is not great. I guess that approach is carried over from my days in retail where I worked in luxury flooring – any hint of commerciality and the customers who kept you afloat would run a mile. But you’ve certainly put the whole issue on the radar in a fantastic way.

  4. never heard of Blog Explosion but I’m checking this out. Thanx for sharing this info with us!

  5. Thinking on it more, it smacks of a similar mechanism as to authonomy – pay a flying visit, rack up a hollow credit you can swap off … I appreciate having large traffic numbers is good for buttressing the platform writers are supposed to erect, but equally what’s the point if no one sticks around long enough to read anything? I’m not sure what the likely trade off between the two is.


  6. Sorry guys, my laptop is broken and I can’t check my email or sites as I would like to. I’ve already had an error message trying to leave this comment. Maybe I didn’t type something in right.
    Anyway, I was saying that you have to decide what’s important to you. If having large numbers would hurt what you stand for, I guess it isn’t worth it.

    In defence of readers not staying long enough, if a ‘stranger’ found something good (and I know we have great work here) they would hang around. Attracting readers is also about giving your work a chance to be viewed by people you’ve never heard of.

    I’ve been to sites on BE before which I ended up bookmarking and re-visiting. The timer has a minumum time, not a maximum. You can stay on any site as long as you wish.

    About ‘marketing,’ isn’t that what we do with our writing anyway? We want to give away our work, but don’t we wish to sell some too? I think we’re ‘marketing’ ourselves even when we give our work away for free.
    We hope that extending the hand of ‘welcome’ by handing over something will ultimately encourage the recipient to buy our next product. We’re good people, and altruistic in many ways. However, I don’t think we’re all thoroughly altruistic all the time. Am I wrong?
    Anne LG

    • What a nightmare for you! You’re 100% right about marketing – that’s the point of the “freemium” model. I am certainly not against this in principle – and it’s fantastic to know about it. As always you’ve given a huge amount to think about!

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