One Easy Way To Make Your Blog More Visible

You spend hours planning and writing your blog posts. You obsess over the tags or keywords which will get you the most views. You spend another hour sharing your colleagues’ material on social networking sites so that when you or others distribute your latest post link, your post will go viral. You get a few hundred views for the next two days, but then even the dribbles and leaks dry up… and stop.

There are lots of actions (easy and complicated) you could take in order to ensure you get constant views on old and new material, but here is one anyone with zero technical web knowledge can achieve.

If you want Google to offer your blog when someone searches for one of your keywords, then it’s vital to place an ‘About this Blog’ on your page. Apart from search engines finding your site, it’s important that people who accidentally or purposefully arrive on your page know exactly what it’s about within the first couple of seconds before they orbit off into cyberspace. This information encourages them to stay that bit longer and maybe find something they’d like to link to.

Furthermore, if they ever want to find you again, they’ll know exactly what to look for. One reader told me she wanted to find my post to share it with someone else, but had forgotten what it was called. Having seen it only for a second or so in passing, she was able to find it again merely by ‘searching’ for a blog about books and blogging. Google came to her rescue and you know the rest.

Adding ‘About This Blog’

Here are the steps I take in describing a new blog. Obviously, I’ll know what my blog is about and what my main keywords (main topics for my blog posts) are going to be, so my first step is to visit Google Adwords Keyword Tool, type in my chosen subject in the panel, then click on Get keywords ideas. This brings up a list of all related keywords, how many people are searching for them each month locally and globally, and also how many other sites are competing for these terms. For example, if I type in ‘relationships‘  I find there are over 1 million people searching for this word. ‘Relationship’ however, throws up more than 3 million searches. Therefore, when I describe my blog I’ll try to use the word ‘relationship’ instead of ‘relationships’ at least once.

Out of this list the Keyword tool has given me, I’ll pick mine from three categories: some of the most searched for words, the words not many people are competing for and the additional ‘keywords to be considered’ at the bottom of the page. For example more than 18,000 searches are made each month for ‘relationship status‘ but not many people target this phrase in their online material. This’ll be one term I may want to address.

I also direct my attention to the ways in which people conduct searches. For example, more than 90,000 searches are made for ‘relationship to.’  Bizarrely, 5, 000,000 look for ‘tests’ when searching for relationship terms.

It’s now time to write your description. Use a mixture of the most searched for words, the phrases used, and the terms not addressed on other blog posts as it relates to your topics. Target all your pieces well, then put up your ‘About this blog’ on your blog page.

Don’t forget to use these words you found in the keyword tool in your posts where necessary and appropriate. Copy and save them so that you can always remember which ones weigh more. Having an ‘about this blog’ also means that when you submit your site on Google, Technorati, Blog Explosion etc., you have a professional, well thought-out paragraph to use rather than something you whipped up in a panic in a matter of seconds.

~ by yearzerowriters on January 5, 2010.

12 Responses to “One Easy Way To Make Your Blog More Visible”

  1. You constantly amaze me with your SEO savviness, Anne. Can I ask a daft but obviously pertinent question, which is how this works for a WordPress site like this where there isn’t space on the page layout for an “about” – is it good enough to make our “About Year Zero” page as SEO-friendly as possible?

    • Not daft at all, Dan. And I’m really glad you asked it because I overlooked that. ‘About Us’ is EVEN better when it’s an actual post like it is here. This makes the possibility for keywords and phrases to be found even quicker because it’s actually got it’s own html page, address and link-up.

      We could definitely do this with our About Us page. We could even use some of our ‘top searches’ (now we know what they are) terms in our description. When people search for those eventually Google will give them this page first (hopefully).
      Anne LG

      • that’s reassuring – thanks, Anne. I don’t know how often you check the search terms, but at least once a week there’s something absolutely extraordinary that gives me a wonderful giggle. I’ve been struck by three things:
        1. how good you are at this (the volume of christmas presents terms that sent us traffic is phenomenal)
        2. how we get accidental hits from people looking for something similar – the first tie-in book of the Channel 4 series Skins came out late November, and I’ve had quite a few hits for SKIN BOOK as a result (same demographic, so that’s great)
        3. Oli’s right about mentioning celebs in specific scenarios – several people after information on scenes in various movies that he’s written about have come to us – again they will be interested in teh subject matter, so that’s great.

  2. Thanks, Dan.
    I look at them about once or twice a week. I was surprised to see that people are still looking for ‘christmas presents.’
    Yes, celebs do bring traffic, especially if they’re presently in the news. An article I wrote about Tiger Woods got me a lot of traffic on one of my blogs, especially when the cheating stories broke.
    I had no idea Skins had a book out. It’s filmed in Bristol!
    Anne LG

  3. Yes. I filmed with Dev who later went on to do Slumdog Millionare (and Chris from About A Boy). I didn’t like doing it that much. I stopped after about 3 or 4 times. The people in it are too young for me to hang around. Haven’t done any of the newer series at all. Great show though. Very popular with young people.
    Anne LG

  4. I updated my profile I don’t know if that will help since I don’t have an About me page. I enjoyed reading your posts though.

  5. Why don’t you create an ‘about me’ page. It’s easy enough. Just look at other blogs in your niche to see what they included in their ‘about me’ pages and make one of your own.

  6. thanks….b

  7. Good tips, I’ll check them out.
    Thanks loads of times 🙂

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