[apologies for three posts in a day, but at least I’m not hogging anyone else’s space. I wanted to post the end of SKIN BOOK so that people could get to know it before the live shows begin in earnest! So here it is – the end]

You stand in the porch with a bag on your shoulder and I say come in and you do. I say follow me upstairs and you do. You follow me down the darkness, through the doors, and sit on the cold cotton untouched sheets. I sit and say your voice sounds how I thought it would and you say so does yours, and I say look, and you say at what and you hold your eyes level with mine and make yourself not look, and I reach beneath the pillow and pull out my


And you say, show me and I take your sleeve and place your hand on my


And say I want you to touch there. Your eyes close and I say look and you say I’m looking and through the cloth I place your hand on the photographs in my


And say look and your eyes are closed and I feel your footsteps in the sweep-vault hallways of the tit gallery in my head and your gaze scrapes the inside of my skull. Your eyes stay closed and I close mine too and there’s something in my hand, skin cold on the cold skin of my fingers and I say what’s that and you say it’s my


~ by yearzerowriters on January 1, 2010.

7 Responses to “SKIN BOOK #10”

  1. that was great. I’ve enjoyed reading every chapter in SKIN BOOK.

  2. Dan I think the tone of Chapter 10 is a perfect way to round off. Meeting in the flesh, but muted tones, as against the expansive flights of language fancy of the other chapters. There is a quiet, shared, desperate intimacy about the pair in this and I think that’s a wonderful way to bring the curtain down on what has been a very intimate and raw exposure of these two’s inner selves.



  3. Absolute spot on.

  4. Thanks, Marc, Pen – told you it was warm and cuddly really 🙂

  5. Wow – you’ve brought it to such a perfect end – so now I have to complain that it’s over!

    Thank you for sharing this and all your work Dan, it’s amazing.

  6. Brilliant.

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