Body Language (Haruspex)

~ by yearzerowriters on December 31, 2009.

26 Responses to “Body Language (Haruspex)”

  1. Extraordinary. Makes me think of that scene from Dead Ringers (the David Cronenberg masterpiece not the John Culshaw impressions series :p) “gynaecological instruments for use on mutant women”. Interesting that the speculum is the one thing missing. I know we’re talking postmortem, but I wondered if you might slip it in and see if we noticed/read anything onto it. The breadknife is great – makes me think, of course, of the toast in Anne’s Bonecutter – I don’t know if that was intentional but it’s a lovely connection.

    • I am twitching right now at the presence of inaccurate instruments. Have to keep reminding myself that it supposed to be artistic. So no specula please O_o

      You are quite morbid for a nice guy, do you know?

      • I am very much aware that a speculum would be inaccurate – and that’s the point – the way we objectify, turn the living body into a slab of meat under the patriarchal gaze the way we do with a dead one.

        I hope I’m not morbid – most of the time in real life I cook and read 🙂 I guess I just think it’s weirder and maybe more unhealthy NOT to talk about things than it is to talk about everything, if that makes sense.

      • No problems about talking it out. Anything to do with gynaecology creeps me out more than forensics does. That is (may be) strange/morbid of me, not sure. I didn’t interpret this piece as objectification, so your thoughts have made me wonder again.
        I was joking about the morbid part. Sorry I forgot the smiley. 🙂

      • Have to say I read this about objectification too – and we combat that with awareness – seeing what’s on the end of the fork.

  2. Deja vu. I must say this is making it prettier and more tolerable than it actually is. Therefore, I quite like this.

  3. I mean from the coroner’s point of view.

  4. In the opening, I thought I detected a little Lewis Carroll, sounding out through the disjointed, surrealist writing. Love your body language.

  5. Wow. That works, gets right to the chilling dissection of a lump of meat that takes place in a post mortem. Love the use of image and text – something that works so well online.

  6. Oh that was grueling and fascinating. For such a gruesome topic, you added some unexpected humor that worked perfectly with the voice. And the piece by piece dissection connected to her feelings … well, honestly, I didn’t expect to like this piece, but you certainly won me over! Great piece. ~ Olivia

  7. I surprised myself. At first I thought I would be too squeamish to read to the end. But as I soldiered on, I became captivated by the language, the imagery, the surrealism.

    And found that I liked it very much.


  9. Definite work of art. A little surreal. I enjoyed it, however, in a CSI sort of way!

  10. YOu can’t imagine how much this has scared me. I recently had surgery where they had to saw off a bone growing down into my chest. (Just a random extra rib kinda bone).
    That bone saw is chilling.
    Anne LG

  11. I love the humour in this. the whole thing is wonderfully morbid, but also rather sweet!
    “All present and incorrect” indeed!

  12. I’m still trying to figure out that Latin. My mind is failing me! Must get home to look it all up.
    I enjoyed the knives and instruments. Reminds me of Murdoc Niccals, and that’s never a bad thing. I’ve a thing for this kind of gore, too.

  13. Thanks for all your comments.

    There was more I wanted to do visually but not being very tech it was beyond me. There were still too many blocks of both text and the opening image – I wanted to seperate them out and have the text directly revealed beneath their asperous blades. Also would have liked to do more of the lily-livered word association visually, but the general impression is there I guess.

    I’ve got a series of concepts for much more non-linear representations, with alphabet soup jumbles of letters, ‘worked on’ by a conscious mechanical atomiser to render them into legible text. But gonna have to think how to render these designs.

    Thanks again


  14. This was great, Marc. The writing is cheeky and the images compliment the prose nicely – the experiment worked and I look forward to seeing the ways in which it grows w/ future works.

    The New Year is looking like it’ll be a productive one for you.

  15. The cool meter went off the charts on this one. Great concept and execution. Some of the colors were difficult for me to see, but my sight isn’t that great so it could be me.

  16. Interesting piece, surreal. I like the graphics, but the small blue text becomes a challenge to read. Brighter colors show fine.

  17. Chris & David – you are both absolutely correct. Basic wordpress & Word still leave a lot to be desired. In the end these were done as a screen grab on my Mac of the original Word document and I knew the background I was posting to was black – wouldn’t have chosen that for myself.


  18. Also, I wanted to say that I really like the rose-coloured paragraph, the one that starts like “I need this like a hole in the head”. Quiet and pleasantly funny.

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