Secret Santa #6

sometimes walking

toes edged with grey pebbles

sandcastles shudderly glimmed

shells fell out her eyes

twinkle tears

to rise on foam cathedrals

perpetual spray churns fishy

violet crushed delight

in his shimmy scales

she is

always to twirl by ankle thrust

the flight of thirteen apple suns

together devouring dry

yesterday was calm and

tossed into tomorrow

came the dark

came the bigger sky

falling ashore

he swept waves of her

rock pools trimble now

and never limps


diamond dripping blanket

pulled her soft blade knees

weighted and faster plunging

where starfish cartwheel and

stripling youth fair flashing

haunt halls deep echo blue

 treasure harvest growing

come to him

time is ripe for quickening

limbs full white are flickering

from a throne of coral stars

he thunders:

I’ll have your heart

for sea change wishes

a feast for my fishes

sometimes walking

learn to swim

not breathing

radiating shadow trees

in beams of fuschia plums

gathered her to his breast

puckered skin prune wrinkle

peeling and revealing

bells clang hollow for this new day

day of all days


on the shore

she’ll walk no more

under thirteen apple suns

her scales now colour wheels

she flips

her heart a map of jewels

charting lost caravans of gold

distance of  spinning moon

oceans deeper encrusted

walking once in wonder

never cast asunder

in the realm of

mermen miracles

you will sometimes know

~ by yearzerowriters on December 25, 2009.

29 Responses to “Secret Santa #6”

  1. I nhave no idea who this is supposed to be, but it is utterly wonderful – and just the slightest touch of humour to offset and accent the melancholy.

  2. I wanna become a merman. Not Ethel tho.

  3. Someone doing Sarah is all I got. No pictures though.


  4. This is someone doing Sarah. The rhythm reminds me of Penny’s bio, so I guess my first instinct is to say Penny doing Sarah.

  5. I changed my mind. The fact that this features a mermaid means a man has written it because everyone knows that men secretly want to be mermaids, but can’t admit it openly.

    So I’m changing my guess to Oli doing Sarah.

  6. Urban mermaids? They’re all over Poland. There’s one in the middle of Warsaw.

  7. Wishing all the lovely, brilliant and talented writer/artist folk on Year Zero a very Merry Christmas! 🙂

  8. Someone being Sarah.
    Although tbh I wish it was me as me, because I love this. Wish I had written it. Fantastic!

  9. It’s beauuuuutiful! And it’s someone doing me! Some of these lines actually remind me of stuff from Improper Love Poems.
    Marcella, I love your theory. Everyone DOES want to be a mermaid.
    Part of me wants to guess that it has been written by a man. But I think I’m just going on the evidence of active voice, and that’s not necessarily indicative of author gender.

  10. I do not want to be a mermaid! When did you ever see a mermaid last MANNING a barricade?


  11. I wouldn’t mind being a mermaid if I was born to it 🙂

  12. I still have no idea who this is, by the way.

  13. Seeing as its Boxing day now, I’ll own up. Marcella was right with her first instinct: it was me who wrote you, Sarah. Sorry to disappoint with my gender!

  14. It was great fun but I do so wish I’d had time to work it up. It doesn’t do justice to Sarah.

    • Oh, no, no, no! Some of those lines I’m really really really tempted to steal, like “always to twirl by ankle thrust / the flight of thirteen apple suns”. And this one, which come to think of it, should’ve told me it was you “puckered skin prune wrinkle”.
      When I publish Beautiful Things, can I put this in it? I think it would do very well!

      • Wonderrful – and yeah, that line is pure Penny – which is why you did such a great job of writing her

  15. The Interloper must ask: Does it matter at all who is “doing” whom ? It is GOOD, ain’t that enuf?

    • It’s really surprised me how good tehse stories are. What started out as a (probably) drunken idea to keep ourselves amused on Christmas week when we figured no one else would show up has produced some stunning pieces.

  16. I knew the ‘wrinkle prune’ line was a dead give away but left it as a clue! Knowing me, I’ll re-write this poem thingy & feed it into something else I’m working on.

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