Thirteen Shadows Waiting for Sunrise

cover image & design copyright 2009 Sarah E Melville

Thirteen Shadows Waiting for Sunrise is the second anthology from Year Zero Writers, following on from Brief Objects of Beauty and Despair. The collection, loosely themed around the question, “can we write a reader’s pain?” will featurte the very best work from this website, and will be available as a free download from smashwords, and as a fully-functioning widget from bookbuzzr on December 18th.

Thirteen Shadows will be the centrepiece of a series of Year Zero words & music events in 2010, including a big bash at Rough Trade Records in Brick Lane on February 4th, featuring singer-songwriter Jessie Grace, and bands InLight and To The Moon. Start spreading the word! Literary fiction is alive and screaming, and Thirteen Shadows is about to give it not so much a shot as the full H-bomb in the arm.

Contributing Year Zero Writers: Penny Goring, Daisy Anne Gree, Anne Lyken-Garner, Marc Nash, Larry Harrison, Marcella O’Connor, Oli Johns, Jenn Topper, Sarah E Melville, Dan Holloway, Heikki Hietala, Simon Betterton

Watch this site for further information in the coming days and weeks.

~ by yearzerowriters on December 11, 2009.

16 Responses to “Thirteen Shadows Waiting for Sunrise”

  1. Can’t wait to see what Bone Cutter looks like on the page.
    Anne LG

  2. Scary, Anne. Very, very scary! Like I said before, I will never see toast quite the same again!

  3. I need a haircut. Where did I leave my clippers?


  4. That Sarah is something else, folks. We must be proud she does cover art for us.

  5. Reading about the music and events you all are having in East London in
    February makes me wish I lived over there!

    Can’t wait to read all the stories.

    • We havemembers over there too, Marisa! And if we can sell lots ofcopies of our books we’d love to come and tour teh States 🙂

  6. That’s a hell of a cover.

  7. !!!!

  8. i have to say, seriously now, i am so proud to be a part of such a wacked-out bunch–and for sarah who can embody it in such a killer image. just astounding!


  9. This anthology is going to prove how much we rock a thousand times over. 2010, here we come!

    I second the ‘States’ tour idea.

  10. Sarah, the Facebook page for the event, and Authonomy all seem to suggest a Stateside tour is in order. I think we may all be crashing at yours, Jenn!

  11. I’ve been told we’re wanted in Santa Fe.

  12. Portland, Oregon requires a tour visit as well. I know just the venue for it as well…

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