Spend less on Christmas Presents: Indie Christmas Presents


  As Anne has given us her amazing opening to Sunday’s Child, this week I’m going to post something in the spirit of her How to Spend Less column. One of the very best ways to spend less on Christmas gifts is to buy Indie. I’ve scoured the web over the past year discovering some extraordinary – and great value – things for the “View from the Shoe” column on my personal blog. Here are the top 10 Indie Christmas presents I’ve found. Click the links to visit the sites.  


customised fascinator from hatastic

Hows the Weather T-shirt from Squid Ink Kollective

knitted wristlets from Awkward






~ by yearzerowriters on December 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “Spend less on Christmas Presents: Indie Christmas Presents”

  1. Those clouds are fucking awesome.

  2. These are great stuff, Dan. When I first saw the heading I thought I’d posted something in my sleep:-)
    They would make fantastic presents. Alas, I’ve already finished my shopping.
    Anne LG

  3. 🙂 I hope I made it clear enough that I was piggy backing your excellent column, Anne.

    I’ve spent a lot of time researching some amazing sites as part of running the View from the Shoe column, and what amazes me is the incredible value – and quality – of products from people with tiny online shops hosted by sites like Etsy and Folksy – none of the thigs here is more than £20 I think, and would be at least twice that in the shops. And I’ve bought some of themmyself, so I can absolutely vouch for the quality.

    Daisy, the people from Squidinkie are geniuses – their trademark designs all feature narwhals, but it’s these clouds I love best.

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