We met in a forum. Some trashbitch squealed I like to


it ram hard, long, fist sharp thick, ah, and some chintz-dress slut-fuck sighed no I like to


Hands on the pores of my skin like summer sky meadows, breeze on my breasts, soft, ah, slide, gliding hands. I said how does it


And trashbitch said like fuckin’ A and chintz-slut said like heaven and I said no I don’t mean that and you said I don’t know. I said to be touched, to


Another person’s skin on yours and you said I don’t know. I said not ever and you said once. There was one once and it was warm and tight like plastic stretched and pushed against my fingers and it pressed and squirmed and forced the blood back from my skin, stuffed it up my throat, and blood and bile and sweat-piss-come and I could


Myself empty and it was flat flaccid cold and I couldn’t


The tits on my fingers. Trashbitch said I


Like I’m gonna retch and chintz-slut said I


Your pain and I said I want to


You on my skin and you said you never will and I said I know I never will and ran my fingers on my SKIN BOOK and thought would it


Different if my SKIN BOOK was alive?

~ by yearzerowriters on December 2, 2009.

10 Responses to “SKIN BOOK #7”

  1. You’re on a rollicking roll Dan. Brilliant to read under my breath, sorry to bore you but this one is spot on too. I can’t wait til you’re done & I have the whole lot. Did you say you’re gonna make a chap book? Would be a Must Have for me.
    Pen (Chintz-slut is so good to say).

  2. Yeah, there’ll be a chapbook. Sarah has said she’d like to do illustrations so there’ll be a super shiny shiny one. I might also make a scuzzy one in courier type stapled together with pencil line drawings. I’ll e-mail you over the rest tomorrow 🙂

  3. Each chapter gets better than the last one.I can’t wait to work on this. I know I’ve said this before, but the rhythm really is incredible.

  4. I was imagining the chapbk scuzzy, like Sniffin’ Glue. I used to make photocopied pamphlets in early 80’s with a friend. He wrote poems, I illustrated. We used to sell ’em in pubs for 30p each then get pissed on the proceeds.(Can’t beat a scuzzy bit of DIY). : )

    • I guess it’d need to be done on paper that has twenty years of yellowing and is so crusty the staples barely take – or the backs of old office papers that are being ditched with the original type barely felt-tipped out – whoa, that’d be cool – and I think we have some in our office

  5. I think it needs to be inscribed on actual skin, with the hairs, blotches, tattoos, pits and contusions. Also the intaglio of where the veins/arteries were, and the sentences could flow along these ducts. Just a thought.


  6. LOVE that idea – did you see the article I found the other day about a book believed to be bound with human skin

  7. precisely. Some people. So squeamish. I must say reading the whole thing and listening to the audience react to the icky bits was a total blast

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