Are you there? The chat bar pings and I


I’m here. I was there you say. I


so was I. You were at the bar you say. Your black skirt scratched your thighs. The nylon made your skin hot and through your top I followed the sweat-carved valleys in the fine hair on the small of your back. I say I felt your eyes. You see but never touch. You see across the room, through clothes, I wonder if you see through skin. You


yeah, I see. I see the ice withdrawn, the skin left warm, almost alive, almost breathing, bereft of the absolute zero inside. I say you can talk and you


yeah, I can talk. I say have you always been like this and you say like what and I say like this semi-human tundra watching hunter and you say oh like that and I


yeah, like that. The silence-shrug fucks my head and I say well have you and you say I guess, have you? And I say yeah. Always. I say I had a twin. I had a twin you


 I say he died and you


yeah, she died. I say I have to go and you say so do I, and the screen goes black and I open my SKIN BOOK and I write I had a twin, he died, and my fingers feel the


~ by yearzerowriters on November 30, 2009.

5 Responses to “SKIN BOOK #6”

  1. OMG, that is PERFECT. WOW. I’m thrilling all over.

  2. Thanks, Pen 🙂 I wasn’t quite sure if people would get the last line – wondered if it was too unspoken maybe?

  3. No. This is flawless. Doubt off.

  4. Black and sweet. Like molasses.

  5. this is so weird, it’s addictive. i really enjoy the fine details.

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